Daiwa Hinata

Daiwa Hinata rods are dedicated micro fishing rods. They are short. They are compact. They are light. They are for SMALL fish!

The ones I carry now are the 3', 5' and 7' rods. Three feet may seem extremely short, but if you have watched any of the tanago fishing videos on YouTube (search for タナゴ釣り) you will see that everyone uses a very short rod (and most are probably shorter than 3').

Granted, they fish differently than we do. Not many people here fish while sitting on a small stool beside an irrigation ditch. However, I occasionally fish for micros while I am eating lunch on a tenkara or keiryu fishing trip, sitting on a rock in the stream, using the tip section of my tenkara or keiryu rod.

It would really be a lot more convenient to have a dedicated rod for that type of fishing - where the fish are small, and if you are still enough for long enough, they will be all around you. And truly, you don't have to be taking a break from some other type of fishing. You can just be taking a break from the rat race. Micro fishing is "out there" far enough already that you might as well embrace the eccentricity and go all the way.

Angler holding a juvenile Black Nose Dace in his palm, with a penny for scale. The fish barely longer than the width of the penny.Now THAT is a micro!

By micro fishing, I am absolutely not talking about most of the "micro fishing" you see on YouTube, which is generally using a spinning rod to catch bass or sunfish that happen to be less than about 6" long. I'm talking about fishing for minnows. Dace. Darters. Shiners. Little fish for which you need little hooks.

Small sunfish inside Micro Photo TankJuvenile Sunfish

Sunfish are fair game for tanago rods, as long as they are tiny. The Micro Photo Box that the sunfish shown above is in is 3 1/2" (inside measurement). The fish is smaller than the box!

Angler holding a very small sculpin, which is barely longer than the width of a finger.Sculpin

You can generally get pretty close to sculpins and darters. They will hide under rocks, but if you drop a small fly or a small hook with a bit of bait right beside the rock, they'll come out a few inches for it. A longer rod is unnecessary and may even be too long.

The 3' Daiwa Hinata really is for small fish, though. The tip section is almost unbelievably thin. You do have to be careful with it, but it is just so much fun to fish with a Lillliputian rod that it is worth it.

The 5' Daiwa Hinata can handle slightly larger fish, but the tip section is exactly the same as the one on the 3' rod. The only thing that makes the 5' rod more capable is that it can spread the strain over a longer rod.

The 7' Daiwa Hinata rods seem much stiffer an can handler larger fish than the 5' rods. Small sunfish, creek chubs, 6-7" trout should be no problem.

(The photos below are of the collapsed rods. The rods are short, but not THAT short.)


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"Be sure in casting, that your fly fall first into the water, for if the line fall first, it scares or frightens the fish..." -
Col. Robert Venables 1662

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Collapsed Daiwa Hinata with ruler for scale. Collapsed rod is about 10 inches long.Photo shows the 5' rod. Collapsed length of the 3' rod is 10 1/4"
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