Daiwa Hamon J 5.4m

by Mark H.
(Colorado Springs)

Waited all day Saturday for my surprise gift, A Daiwa Hamon J. supposed to be delivered Monday but someone had told me USPS sometimes brings things early, and they did come through, received my pkg. late in the afternoon. Yeah happy happy! but decided to put off fishing till Sunday.

I went to one of my city ponds to try my new rod. I caught 9 Trout from 10"- 12" on corn (I was hoping for a Carp). Fishing rig was light for rod but, I wanted to see how it would cast. So I made it from Yamatoyo 3.5 line rod length followed by 1m of 5x and a size 6 carp hook from Diachi (a BB size sinker about 8inches from hook and the corn on a string like in Boilie fashion).

After lunch at home, I went the another city pond much closer to home but after 2 hours of no bites, decided to change fishing spots where I met up with one of my old workmates. He finally graduated from baitcasting to fly behind a bubble and had caught 2 nice 14" trout, so I rigged up and we fished into the evening. He caught and released many and I am still being skunked.

Changed to a Killer Bug and added a Thingamabobber for extra weight to help casting with this heavy rod and after a few casts decided I need more to stretch my cast out so added a BB weight to 8" above fly?nymph. It worked finally a bite. My friend left as it was late and dark and the moon was out so I figured a few more casts and I too, would go home. 7 pm sharp, Fish On! N0 contest this rod turned the fish and worked him so that after 2 turns he gave in and I netted him, a nice fat 14" trout At Night on a Killer Bug under the Moonlit Sky. Great evening nice fish now I can go home.

Well Done, Diawa Hamon J. Into your rod sack till next time. Sing to the Carp I'm coming for you next!

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