Confessions of a Neophyte Keiryu Fisherman.

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

I find it interesting that Chis posted an article on Keiryu fishing just before I finished writing my thoughts as I have embarked on this type of fishing. First off, I learned even more from Chris' great article. I just bought a packet of "Keiryu Rigs." from Chris. These are a bargain!!! You get two fully set up rigs and two spare hooks. Most of all you get a pattern for making up your own rigs, and an understanding of how they work! I chuckle at my crude attempts to make Keiryu rigs early in this adventure. I can see why they didn't work so well!

The Diawa Line holder box is exceptionally made. It is worth the money. I currently have 12 Keiryu lines made up and a lot of snelled hooks. This box is going to make life much easier on the stream or pond. If you really get into this type of fishing, this box is very nice!

I am on my second Diawa figure 8 tool. It is a great tool. However, do not use it to test your knots! You don't want to make the same $30.00 mistake I made.

Chris is right - Long Rods! That is why I love my 6 meter rods. I also added an 8 meter to my arsenal! Chris works hard to get you what you want!

Keiryu fishing is not bobber fishing! The yarn markers are your indicator. When steelhead fishing the yarn maker told me I had a hit, and it was a 4 inch cutthroat. It moved backwards about 3 inches when I tangled with a steelhead. You have to have them to see your line. They also work as your depth indicator. When fishing a spring creek in February, I was able to know the depth of my mummy worm using the yarn markers. It was a many fish day! Keiryu fishing is not Tenkara fishing with bait! I have been learning that this is a method all unto its own. One reason you need a long rod is the line should be about the length of the rod or a little shorter. The casting techniques I have been learning on Japanese TV are much different than Tenkara. When fishing with my fly fishing buddies, I have been out fishing them at least 3-1 using Keiryu methods. This is engaging fishing! You fish a tight line most of the time and can feel what is going on! I am also finding that it works well with weighted nymphs.

If you want to watch a beginners lesson on Keiryu fishing with a beautiful young lady fisherman here is where to go.
1. Get on YouTube. 2. Type "Shimano TV" into the search box. 3. Click on the box that says "Channel" 4. Click on the box that says "Playlists" 5. Click on DokiDoki channel and scroll down to episode #26. You will learn a lot. I don't speak Japanese, but you don't have to. I would really like to have the Shimano rod that she is using! Notice how long of a rod she is using on such a small stream, and that a tiny young lady can one hand a 6 meter rod! For a bonus after watching this video go down to episode 22 to check out Ayu fishing! It is on my bucket list. Now how to figure out how to pay for a trip to Japan!

Keiryu is a fascination all unto its own. Expand your toolbox and give it a try. I have found my Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 44 to be a perfect cross-over rod. It fishes Tenkara very well with a level #3 line, and Keiryu with the "Keiryu Rig" from Chris with the rod set at 44. My preferred baits so far have been red wigglers and Mummy Worms. I have fished with shrimp as well. Tight lines!

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