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Camo Tippet Fly Pouch

by Ray "Letumgo" Tucker
(New York)

Tippet Fly Pouch with added buckle

Tippet Fly Pouch with added buckle

I've made some field modifications to the Tippet Fly Pouch I bought from you last year. I've modified the strap system by adding a small buckle. The buckle allows the pouch to be taken on and off easily, without pulling it over your head, or removing your hat. The nice thing was finding a way of forming loops with the extra strap material, which formed perfect holders for tippet spools.

I then took a set of Sharpie markers to the outside, to tone down the bright front section. I wanted a digital camo look, in hopes it will be less visible to fish.

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"Be sure in casting, that your fly fall first into the water, for if the line fall first, it scares or frightens the fish..." -
Col. Robert Venables 1662

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