BW Sports Tippet Fly Pouch

by tnitz
(Joseph, Oregon)

I've had and used the BW Sports Tippet Pouch for more years than I can now recall. I've looked for alternatives that might be smaller and simpler (various Eddie Bauer options, passport wallets, etc) but none have replaced the BW Sports Tippet Pouch for me. I've long settled into a particular arrangement that works for me so I thought I would share it.

In the central pocket area I carry a series of tapered or furled lines, ones that I started with but rarely use today (my search for a replacement pouch is largely based on realization I don't need this section). The lines are completely made up with tippet and fly and strung around a hard plastic "winding star" that I made after receiving lines from Chris wrapped around similar cardboard ones. I make these spools from margarine container lids. The central pocket is also where I keep a spool of mono used to repair the tippet end of the furled lines. I will also often have a small bottle of insect repellent stuck in this central pocket.

There is a pocket on the front of the pouch where I have a tiny aluminum fly box (which fits perfectly), spool of tippet material (6-7x usually), and an empty line spool that I use to hold the line when quickly moving between sections of river. There is enough room left in the pocket to hold an additional line spool or something else if needed.

On the back of the pouch are a series of pockets. A velcro strap is attached to the lowermost pocket and used to keep the central pocket closed. In the uppermost pocket is my fishing license. I think there's also a small knot tying cheater card but I haven't had to pull it out so unsure if it's still there! In the lowermost pocket are a small Japanese blue steel knife (to left) and a pair of Dr. Slick scissor clamps. These are attached to a lanyard which in turn is attached to the neck strap. After their first use they usually just hang and are left open for quick deployment. The small knife fits deep into the pocket so it's never fallen out. Prior to this knife I carried a CRKT Dogfish knife which served the same purpose.

Attached to the neckstrap is a cross strap with one end connected with a swivel hook to a loop on the neckstrap. This strap is, perhaps, the most important part of the setup. Onto this strap I string a series of level lines of varying length and weight all rigged up with tippet and fly wound around 2" diameter foam wheels. The foam wheels are perfect, light, soft, floating, and CHEAP. I mark the line length and size on the spool with Sharpie. I can carry quite a few lines but try to limit myself to 5 to make it easier to remove and replace lines when changing them.

The only additions to the pouch I use when fishing are a pair of fishing tabi, a rod, a tamo (which is on a springy lanyard attached to the neck loop of pouch and draped across shoulder or left to float in stream), and occasionally a basket creel.

I own a Fishpond pouch from my fly-fishing days but even that is way too much pouch for what I use today. You can look for another alternative, as I have, but for the price I don't think you will find better.

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