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Big Browns on Kiyose 43MF

by Bob McNair

I am a big fan of Chris Stewart and Tenkara Bum. He has been my primary inspiration for all things Tenkara, both education and gear.

The first rod I bought after "eschewing the reel" in 2009, was the Daiwa Enshou LL36SF. Nothing like buying one of the best right from the get go. I have fished many rods since, but this one still feels like butter on the cast and "sings" with a trout on the line. I have landed many trout in the 12"-14" on this rod with great pleasure, and great bend in the rod, but the big browns on my home river, the Gunnison, are a bit much for it, so I explored Tenkara Bum for my new river rod and settled on the Daiwa Kiyose 43MF.

Right choice! After 2 trips down river this summer I have hooked several browns in the 20" range and landed several. My latest trip in my Native Watercraft kayak found me latched onto a brown sub-marine that dragged me all over the place before final netting. I un-hooked and un-netted to take a photo, but this muscle bound beast gave a mighty shrug and was gone. Too much fish for a one handed hold. Alas, no picture. Just another fish story, but it was a two fisted monster in the 22"-24" range that any Tenkara angler would be proud of. The Kiyose rocks! Thanks Chris.

My name is Bob, and I'm a Tenkara-holic!

Comments for Big Browns on Kiyose 43MF

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Jul 27, 2014
by: clyde olson(SavannahGA)

Rob, I too bought the Kyose 43MF from Chris to use on 'trophy' water trout(read: stocked trout) I fish for in NC. Your trout would be every bit the brutes or more than my fish, so wondered what you used for tippet? Do you fish from your kayak or simply use it to get from point A to B? Dry or nymph? Total length of line and tippet? Thanks. ClydeO

Jul 28, 2014
by: Bob McNair

I fish the banks of the river as I float past, as well as stopping for certain river structure that I come to. My rigging is nearly always the same. I use level line the length of the rod with 3'-4' of 5X tippet. Hope this helps.
Fish on,

Aug 12, 2014
by: Clyde

Bob, a little late on this reply, but thanks and yes your comments were helpful. I love the 'longrodshortline' concept Chris speaks of and my total 43MF rig usually totals about a foot longer than the rod at 14'. I've broken more tips(all my fault and not the fishes!) than I care to admit, so my tippet is 6X of Trout Hunter. So much fun. ClydeO

Jun 18, 2017
by: Dean Price

Have caught some decent carp with this rod and handles them easy.

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