Amnesia Indicator Bumps

by Loren

Hey folks,

Like many people out there, I spent a fair amount of time trying to convince myself that Amnesia would make a good line for a tenkara rod. The stuff's got amazing visibility. But it doesn't matter what you do, overline it, underline it, furl it- it just casts terribly. Many of us have taken to putting a short (6") segment of amnesia on the end of our lines, and that's a pretty tremendous help, but I accidentally ran across something the other day that's even better.

You can make amnesia strike indicators with absolutely minimal "bump" on the line. Just find the finest diameter amnesia you can, nail knot it where you want on your line, and add a drop of your favorite super glue. I have started putting three of these at the end of my line, about a foot apart. It works on level or tapered lines, doesn't seem to affect the casting, and really increases your strike detection on deep wet flies!

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