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A micro bass!

by Luke L.
(Boulder, Colorado, USA)

For the first time, I went to my local lake to try to catch bass on my tenkara rod. I soon gave up on the big fish and to my delight, noticed tons of tiny fish in by the shore. I had a nymph that the just loved and I caught micro small/largemouth bass, perch, and bluegill. It was so fun.

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Oct 13, 2018
Some of My Favorites!
by: John Evans

Micro-bass are among my favorite species. On a soft, full-flex tenkara rod, they're loads of fun. When other fish aren't hitting, the little guys often will respond. I've found a size 14 Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph hard to beat. For a dry fly, try a size 14 purple Reaper Midge.

Oct 13, 2018
by: Les Albjerg

Luke - Congratulations on discovering the fun of small fish. I really like the Micro Fishing Kit that Chris sells for six and a half bucks. A small bit of Red Wiggler worm or some bread on the hook and you are in for loads of action! The Tanago hooks really make a big difference.

John - I can't believe you use such big flies! When I micro fish with flies, the biggest I go is size 18. Usually I am fishing flies from 24-32.

The last time out, I was trying to catch the smallest fish I could. A guy came out to the dock and asked what I was doing. He just shook his head as he began flinging a big spin bait for bass. He fished for about 30 minutes without a bite. I had pulled in well over 10 little guys. As he left he said, "At least you are catching fish." I had switched to a size 28 Adams, 9x leader, ultra small strike indicator (bobber), 2.5 level line on the Suntech Kurenai 30. I hooked a 3 inch sunfish. The dude watched the bend in the rod and the battle. The little sunny gave me two nice runs before being subdued. I asked if he want to try it. He said, "sure." He put it close to where I told him, and sure enough in less that 2 minutes he had a similar size sunfish on. He said, "That is fun!, I can't believe how light that rod is."

Oct 13, 2018
Fly Size
by: John Evans

Yes, you know I've thought about those fly sizes. It's really more of a function of what I'm able to tie with my familial tremors. I just do better with size 14 or even 12. Also, when I've gone smaller, I seem to miss more strikes. Probably operator error. It also may have something to do with our dominant warm water species. The only trout are in winter, and the bass, cichlids, and catfish do better with a slightly bigger hook.

Oct 14, 2018
Familial Tremors
by: Herb S.

John, I've got 'em too. My advice is to pick your parents carefully. And tie flies as small as you can. Right now I'm at size 16, but 14 is easier.

When I woke up in recovery after a triple bypass the tremors were so bad I couldn't feed myself with a fork or spoon and had to put my chin on the table and sort of push the food off the plate and into my mouth. Fortunately I got to a neurologist and am on a medication that helps tremendously. The shakes are still there but much reduced.

I tried micro fishing with Chris's tiny snelled hooks but it just didn't work, so rather than fish for real micros I go for mini fish instead and that's plenty of fun.

Teddy Roosevelt said, "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have."

Happy fishing,


Oct 14, 2018
Getting Old!
by: Les Albjerg

Herb and John - I'll let you in on a secret! I don't tie any flies smaller than a size 18 anymore. My eyes aren't what they used to be. I buy my smaller flies. I don't use that many.

My favorite micro fishing hook for Red Wiggler Worms is the Diiachi 1273 size 22 Multi-Use Midge/Nymph hook in red. About a third of a worm works great!

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