Sanyo Valcan Line No Longer Being Made

by Karl Klavon
(Fresno, California)

Thank you Chris for the update on Sanyo line no longer being made. I will no longer be so eager to make leaders for other people with my remaining supplies of the Sanyo lines. Some of the Tenkara Vendors that stocked the Sanyo Lines may still have it in stock. If you are quick enough in ordering it, you may still be able to buy it.

If not, or you prefer to get lines that are still being made, Chris' Carp Tippets - Clear Tenkara Lines - Come in close to the right 2 Lb. Step downs for optimal leader turnover.

Varivas - 2X - 16 Lb. test Clear FC.

Varivas - 0X - 13.2 Lb. test Clear FC.

Varivas - 1X - 11.2 Lb. test Clear FC.

Varivas - 2X - 9.6 Lb. test Clear FC.

Varivas - 3X - 7.2 Lb. test Clear FC. For $16.00 per/Spool from T-BUM.

Sighters will require some additional development and experimentation.

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