9' Soyokaze - Perfect "Tenkara Extreme" Rod for Small Stream Trout

by Alan
(New Jersey)

The Smallest Chub

The Smallest Chub

I started around 12 pm at the Bridge Pool. I managed one tiny Chub and a 1 Brown. The rod performed so well the little guys never had a chance. Went to "my pool" and there were a few fish rising in the middle to upper section and loads of Chubb /Suckers /Minnows from the rock down against the far bank. I thought I saw a few really nice trout mixed in. Anyway I managed 10 browns in the pool. Three were on an #18 Caddis and 6 on a #18 BWO. Two of them were very nice and went over 11”. I managed 4 Browns and 3 Chubs in the upper runs and pools. I finished the evening with another Brown and a Chub in "my pool".

All in all it was a great day 15 Browns & 6 Chub. I attached a few of the pictures.

The 9ft Soyokaze is the perfect “Tenkara Extreme” Rod for small stream trout. It matched beautifully with 9ft of your size 2 line and 4ft of 7X tippet. It’s lighter and more fun to fight fish with than any of my Iwanas. You can feel the power of the fish more than with the 10’2” Soyokaze but it has a little more backbone than the 7’8” and with the added length provided the reach I needed to effectively fish. I only had 2 LDRs (both jumpers), no broken tippets and a whole lot of fun.

I did have a bit of a problem. The tip section would not collapse no matter what I tried. At the end of the evening I finally used you Tip Grip Pad and between forcing and trying to twist it, it finally collapsed. I can see that I will definitely need a spare tip. I hope that they provide the top two sections.

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