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20' telescopic rod!? Made in Korea.

by Mike W
(Tacoma wa.)

Hey people!? Has anyone ever heard anything about rods that telescope out to twenty feet, are made in Korea, are quite heavy and almost an army green color? Ran into one at a garage sale today and am kicking myself for not grabbing it just to have! Might go back tomorrow and grab it if it's still there!? Should have taken a pic or remembered the info on the rod!! Thanks for any info at all!! Mike W. Tacoma wa. Tight lines and no reels! Ok I have a few reels!

Comments for 20' telescopic rod!? Made in Korea.

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Aug 20, 2017
Plenty of 20 plus foot rods here.
by: Les A.

Chris sells lots of 20 plus rods. I have 3 rods over 20 feet long. The longest is 8.1 meters (26.5 feet) a Suntech Fieldmaster that is lots of fun and doesn't weigh a ton. The Suntech Keiryu Sawanobori 63 is a very light 20 plus rod that is a dream to fish and is my favorite rod. My advice for what it is worth save your money and get a great 20 foot plus rod from Chris. With a crummy rod you'll just be frustrated or develop bad habits. Worse yet you may develop shoulder or elbow issues. There are a lot of cheap rods out there.

Aug 20, 2017
20' info!
by: Mike W

Thanks for the input! I've seen twenty foot rods on Tenbum, but this rod was so strange. Must have been 1.25 inches in daimeter at the base and it must have weighed around a pound! Doubt I would ever fish it, but for twenty bucks I'd buy it for a novelty just to have! Not sure what it was made of but it wasn't carbon fiber! Tight lines and no reels! Mike W. Tacoma wa.

Aug 20, 2017
Loving the Long Rod
by: Les A.

Last night's comment was more of a reaction. This post is more of a reflection.

I described to Chris where I did a lot of my fishing, the size of fish expected, and the fact that here in my part of the West, we have wide open spaces. He recommended that I buy a Suntech Keiryu Sawanobori 63. Since my first Tenkara Rod was a "short club" rather than a rod, I went with his recommendation. I love this rod. It is 20 feet 3 inches long and weights 4.3 ounces. It is well balanced, and not tip heavy. Every battle has been an intimate encounter with the fish, from 3 inch bluegills to 6 pound bass. I have fished this rod many times all day with no fatigue or muscle issues.

My second long rod is the Nissin Kyogi 21. It is 20 feet 8 inches long and weighs in at 7.1 ounces. I own 3 lengths of Kyogi's and this has the nicest bend progression. It is also well balance, and very smooth. The 18 is more of a fast action. I know this is a carp rod, and I have caught several carp with it, but I have also caught sunfish, bass, and trout with it. I bought it for steelhead fishing, and have battled 4 steelhead.
It is rated for 4x to 0x tippet. However, I have fished and caught 3-5 pound bass in a lake with 6x tippet. So I know this rod will protect 6x tippet real well. I had some break offs with 7x. I purposely horsed the fish in to see if the rod would protect a lighter tippet than it is rated.

My third long rod is an 8.1 meter Suntech Fieldmaster. Those additional 2 meters make an huge difference in inertia. I don't think I would want to fish this rod all day long like I have the 6 meter rods. So far the only fish I have caught with this rod are smallmouth and largemouth bass. I bought this rod for the Snake and Wieser Rivers. These are large rivers. I have found the balance point for this rod, and I must say it is a pleasure to fish. The battles are fun, and the longer the rod, the more leverage the fish has! A five pound bass really puts a smile on your face.

Reading through the TenkaraBum Website drinking my morning coffee, I see there are 12 rods offered that are over 6 meters. The least expensive is $185.00 and the most expensive is $465.00. Some of them are zoom rods as well. Mike, if I lived in Tacoma, I would want a long rod to fish in the Sound as well as off the Jetties. I would think one of these rods would be a blast catching rock fish. A ling cod on a Kyogi! Just thinking about it gives me a thrill! Buy a quality rod, you won't be disappointed.

Aug 20, 2017
Long rod, short user
by: Hoppy D

Les is right, Mike; save your money for a real rod from Chris. While your garage sale find would make for a fine conversation piece, you would only use it once before you cursed it and its makers.

Les, "The Boss" has a Suntech Kurenai Long 81 that she won't allow me to touch. The rod is 5.3 times longer than she is, and she handles it without any problems. Uses it and an all-red kebari to snatch bullfrogs off of their lily pads. Honestly! Chris will confirm this long rod-short user story, won't you, Chris?

Aug 20, 2017
Pecans and Physics
by: John Evans

I'm thinking that if you got it for $20 or so, it might not be too good for fishing, but it would be handy to knock pecans out of trees! Hey, how could you go wrong? On the serious side, it's a matter of basic physics that the longer and heavier a rod is, the greater the rotational momentum will be. As Les suggested, this could lead to shoulder, arm, and elbow problems, though you might just fish the rod "cane-pole-fashion." Let us know how it goes!

Aug 20, 2017
Long rod short user story
by: Chris Stewart

I can't confirm the short user, but I can confirm the long rod story.

Aug 21, 2017
by: Mike W

Thanks for all of the input! I have decided to pass on the strange rod and to order on from Chris if I decide to "go long"! Maybe I could do some jetty fishing on the coast!? Humpies in the Green river!? Maybe if I can figure out why I can't seem to post any pics I can stop catching sunnies long enough to go after something else! The Kings should be in Hood canal as we speak! Life is good! Tight lines and no reels! Mike W. Tacoma Wa.

Aug 21, 2017
Frog Legs?
by: Les A.

Sounds like a fun way to get frogs. When I was a kid in Minnesota we shot them with a 22. It is hard to beat a nice meal of Frog Legs. I am beginning to understand the possessiveness that these rod's invoke! Hoppy, I don't blame the "boss", she knows you wouldn't give it back. I had the same experience with my son. You ought to just buy yourself an 8 meter rod! I love my long rods! However, there is much wisdom behind Chris not stocking rods past 6 meters. The 8 meter is a different animal all together. I have a feeling that a lot of people wouldn't take the effort to learn how to fish with that long of a rod and would be disappointed with their purchase. I still have a lot to learn to get more out of my 8 meter. It looks like they are dropping the river level on the Snake River finally, so I can get out and fish it more. That is what I love about this fishing, always a new avenue to explore.

Aug 21, 2017
21 meters or nothing
by: Hoppy D

I'm holding out for a 21 meter rod, Les, so I can watch "The Boss" turn green with envy. Just biding my time until Chris starts offering them.....

Aug 21, 2017
21m? Uh, no.
by: Chris Stewart


I can get you a nice 10.1m rod.

Les - it has yellow accents!

Suntech's newest Suikei Special Honryu SST 101

Not sure what the SST stands for. Might be Sakuramasu, Satsukimasu, Trout (but probably not). Sakuramasu and Satsukimasu are the names given to sea-run yamame and amago - essentially their equivalent of steelhead.

So think of it as Steelhead, Salmon and Trout. Only $800, which is less than some premium fly rods (and you don't need to buy a reel).

Aug 21, 2017
10.9 meters too short
by: Hoppy D

But it will more than do! Temptation, thy name be "Suikei Special Honryu SST 101." And who can resist a temptation like that?!!?

Aug 21, 2017
by: Les A.

Chris - That sounds very tempting! 10.1 meters would be interesting! Hoppy, I would love to see you wield a 68.9 foot rod. A thirty three foot rod would be awesome! Do you think it would handle steelhead?


Aug 21, 2017
Great Lakes steelhead, yes. Pacific, maybe.
by: Chris Stewart

Les, I am confident that the rod could handle Great Lakes steelhead, which I think average 4-7 lbs. The rod is rated for 3X tippet, which for Varivas is over 7 lbs. For the west coast steelhead, I am sure there are some you could catch and some that would break you off. It is made for catching Japanese salmon. There are a number of YouTube videos of guys catching them with fixed line rods.

The rod has two models. One is a 8.4 - 9.0m zoom, the other is a 9.5 - 10.1m zoom.

Aug 21, 2017
Song of the Sirens
by: Hoppy D

Give in, and answer the call of the Sirens, Les; they won't leave you alone until you do. All is quiet around here. Well, except for "The Boss....." :-)

This rod would definitely handle the pink and red salmon of Southcentral Alaska. The reds usually topped the scale at 6 pounds, and the pinks averaged out at half of that. We used to fish them with 6-weight rods and 3X tippets. Made for some serious fun in 8-foot wide creeks!

Think of the skittish brook trout that you could sneak up on with a 21 meter rod. Over the bushes, and through the woods..... Yowser, yowser.....

Aug 21, 2017
Pondering a 10.1 meter.
by: Les A.

Chris - So it is even a zoom rod. So, how long would it take to get one? That extra 4 meters would come in handy on the Upper Salmon River. I have caught Lake Michigan and Lake Superior steelhead before. They fight about as hard as those I have caught in Idaho. The winter steelhead in the Umpqua River where I used to live would go 15- 20 plus pounds. My PB is a 23 pound 4 oz. I have watched several of Japanese videos. I am tempted!

I just got back from seeing the total eclipse of the sun. After the eclipse, I checked out a new to me access to the Boise River. I ran some errands that took me close to Wilson Creek Springs Creek. I wet the line with the TenkaraBum 40 for half an hour with red wigglers and managed to catch one trout. All in all a good day!

Aug 21, 2017
by: Chris Stewart


I probably could not get one before I head to the Oni school (I'm going out early for some Tactical Nymphing brainstorming with the Rob Worthing, Erik Ostander, and John Vetterli of the Tenkara Guides, Chris Hendriks (a tenkara guide in Norway) and Jeff Lomino of Riverworks). That would put arrival perhaps Sep. 18-19 for me and 21-22 for you. If you did want one, do you think you would prefer the 8.4-9.0 or 9.5-10.1 (no obligation).

Sep 05, 2017
20' rod
by: Gressak

My buddy out in LA uses a 6.3 meter rod he bought from a shop in Korea Town.

He uses in in the surf to target corbina, but also uses it in freshwater on carp.

He noted that the shop owner is always yelling at him that he is misusing the rod when he returns for replacement parts...from breaking it.

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