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100 fish

by Jimi Fly
(Warrensburg, MO USA)

Found a great stretch of creek in our local state park. Full of darters, chubs, bluegill and small bass I spent the last 3 days there.

Day one I stumbled upon this great little stretch of creek and caught 100 plus fish on a tenago rod with a sekasa kabari fly size 14. Took a friend out on day two who fishes with a traditional western fly rod we both caught about the same 100 or so. The average size fish is about 3 inches with many under an inch long and a handful in the 6 inch range. Day three took two tenkara fishers with me which was a joy, seeing 3 people fishing fixed line in the same creek.

Let me say it took about 4 years to find anyone willing to try tenkara and I tie all the flies for them and basically showed them how to fish fixed line. I guess I feel a bit like my town's embasador for tenkara. At one point today I almost felt guilty for using my tenago rod because I hooked up about twice as much as my friends did but on a bright note when we got back into town they both said they were purchasing tenago rods immediately when they got home.

I told them about TenkaraBum site and have made a purchase myself from you as well. I have several tenkara rods but I'm afraid they will be collecting dust from here on out. I am in love with tenago rods and micro fishing and am completely convinced that this is the most fun a person can have with a pole and some line.

A special thanks to Chris for being such and honest business man and avoiding all the negative hype about tenkara versus tenago and cane pole fishing etc. I totally agree that it is just fishing.

My current rig consist of a 7.5 ft tenago rod with an 8 foot piece of bright yellow fly line backing and some 3 lb tippet and a sekasa kabari fly. I do everything as non traditional as a guy can do and still catch fish. My only fear is that one day I will bump into a Japanese tenago or tenkara fisherman and totally be laughed off the water by my lack of "proper" technique which I'm sure will never happen here in Misouri.

Official 3 day total fishing 3 hours or less each day is well over 300 fish and that to me is just plain FUN! Thanks again Chris.

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Jul 29, 2013
Sounds Like a Blast
by: JDA

Looks like a lot of fun. Were you casting or just dapping the fly. I do something similar but I use 2 lb test and a #12 dry fly. I have also use the same line set up with a #10 aberdeen hook and a single split shot.

Maybe we just need to call this fixed line fishing. I love the way Tenkara, Tanago, Micro fishing technique blurs but at the end of the day, we just catch fish.

Jul 30, 2013
Greetings from COMO
by: Zak

It's great to hear from another Missouri fisherman that has been bitten by the Tenkara and Tanago bug. I have been doing some more fishing with the Kiyotaki 18 and it is a whole lot of fun catching blue gills with it. Unfortunately, I have not been as successful as you have in spreading Tenkara/Tanago fever. :(

Good luck and tight lines

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