Nissin Fine Mode Nagare 330

by Jochem
(The Netherlands)

First impression of the Nissin Fine Mode Nagare 330

Two weeks ago I asked Chris some advise regarding a new rod I was looking for. There are no trout where I live and most of the fish I catch are quite small. I was looking for a rod to match the fish I catch most often (Rudd, Roach and Perch). I felt that my other Tenkara rod was overkill for these species. One of the rods Chris recommended was the Nissin Fine Mode Nagare 330.

This week the rod arrived. I was surprised how thin it was. I didn't get that impression from the Tenkarabum site. And light...35 grams! I expected a 330 cm rod but in fact it's 345 cm so a bit longer (I don't use the imperial system that often).

I have paired the rod with a rod length of level line 3 and about 3 feet of 6x tippet. For the first sessions I used a small nymph, size 18. This rod casts like a dream! It's so easy to place the fly where you want it. Almost no energy is needed to load the rod. It's really really soft! My one weight TFO feels like a broomstick compared to it.

I have fished 3 short sessions with the Fine Mode. I caught a lot of tiny rudd, 2-3 inches. When I replaced the size 18 nymph for a size 12 wet fly the fish got bigger. And that's when I really started smiling. A modest 7 inch rudd will put a bend this rod!

Can't wait to catch some of the larger specimens.

My only concerns with it is that it seems so fragile being so light and thin. Also I wouldn't mind if the grip was a bit thicker.

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