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Worm Fishing

Worm fishing for trout in streams is easy and effective, but there's a better way than you're doing it now!

Most people use a spinning rod, probably a fairly short ultralight. There's a better way, though, a way that will give you a more natural drift and better strike detection.

This page will eventually be a whole new website devoted to fishing for trout in streams with worms and salmon eggs. For now, please take a look at my Keiryu Fishing page. It is an introduction to a fishing style developed in Japan for fishing mountain streams using worms, salmon eggs or nymphs taken from under the rocks on the stream.

It is extremely effective. Take a look.

Typical hooking location. Very, very few deep hooked fish. Easy to release small fish unharmed.

Typical hooking location. Very sensitive strike detection allows you to set the hook before the fish gets a chance to swallow the bait.

Ever wish you could fish in the Fly Fishing Only sections? With this fishing method you can! I have developed a dead simple "fly" that is legal in Fly Fishing Only areas, even ones that require barbless hooks. It takes seconds to tie and all you need is a pair of scissors. No vise or other tools!

Learn how to tie the Overhand Worm and fish with "worms" even where worm fishing is not legal. Some states do not allow the keiryu fishing style in Fly Fishing Only areas, though. (Maybe it's TOO effective!)

You might even decide to fish with Overhand Worms all the time. They're a lot cheaper than buying worms, and boy, to they work!

Rainbow trout caught with Overhand Worm.

Brown trout caught with Overhand Worm

Brook Trout caught with Overhand Worm

Please bookmark this page. I will expand it and provide a lot more details on this page until I have time to build a whole new website.

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