Micro Fishing Floats

Micro fishing floats, to come right down to it, are basically just seriously small bobbers. They are nothing like the red and white plastic bobbers we all used as kids, and the Japanese ones designed for tanago fishing are nothing like the bobbers (er, indicators) we use as adults. They are much more sensitive so they will show the bite of even a very small fish.

Tanago Floats

The floats used for tanago fishing in Japan are small and thin, with a relatively small stem. From the top of the float to the bottom of the stem is just over an inch. Thread your line through plastic tube and then insert the stem of the float into the tube, locking the line in place.

If you choose to use one of the extremely light tippets shown on the Micro Fishing Line page, I'd recommend putting the markers, as well as the float, on a stronger line above the light tippet so if you do happen to hook an unexpectedly large fish or get your hook snagged you'll only lose the hook, not your whole rig.

You will need just a tiny bit of weight to get the float to sit properly, with just the tip of the float above water. Just one of the size 10 Dinsmore Micro Shot will work nicely.

Owner Tanago Micro Fishing Floats - $5.50 (package of two - random colors)


A while ago I was given some extremely small floats from Indonesia, but I have been unable to find a source so that I could carry them on the site. These aren't nearly as nice as the hand painted Indonesian floats, but I think they'll work just as nicely.

Made by the same company that makes the Thingamabobber, these are just smaller versions of the popular fly fishing indicator. They are about 5/16" (6mm) in diameter and they are as sensitive as the tanago float above. They'll support one #10 Dinsmore shot, but it will take virtually nothing to take them under. They'll register the slightest tap from a fish. They're actually designed to help float a large fly, but I think they'll work as well - probably better - as a float for small fish.

They aren't fancy, but at $3 for a package of 6, you wouldn't expect them to be.

Unibobber $3 (chartreuse, package of 6)

Nakazima Ball Floats

These floats are almost a cross between the tanago floats and the Unibobbers. They are a plastic ball float with a stem and rubber tube similar to the that of the tanago float. Insert your line through the rubber tube and then trap it with the stem of the float. The rubber tubing has a slight taper, so be sure that the larger diameter is on the top.

These are essentially the same size as the Unibobber floats, but the stem and tubing makes it much easier to adjust the float.

There are four floats and two rubber tubes per package.

Nakazima floats, 3/8" - $3


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