Suntech TenkaraBum 40

The TenkaraBum 40 is not just the TenkaraBum 36 with one more section. It is built on a different blank, optimized to give performance as close as possible to the TenkaraBum 36 while minimizing any tendency for tip heaviness. The 40 has a slightly longer collapsed length, allowing Suntech to make a longer rod with the same number of sections. That improves the bend profile and also keeps down the weight. The penny measurement is exactly the same as the TenkaraBum 36.

For the TenkaraBum 40 to have the exact same penny rating as the TenkaraBum 36 is a tribute to the skill of the Suntech engineers. I told them I wanted the rod to feel like the TenkaraBum 36 and then let them go. I don't have years and years of experience working with different tapers, wall thicknesses, resins and prepregs (pre-impregnated carbon cloths). They do. They were able to make a rod that is longer but feels almost the same - exactly what I wanted and what was wanted by the people who shortly after getting a TenkaraBum 36 asked me for a TenkaraBum 40.

With a TenkaraBum 40 you can feel the fight of a Warpaint Shiner.

The TenkaraBum 40 is just a bit faster than most tenkara rods. The tip sections are a bit softer and the mid sections are a bit firmer. Having slightly softer tip sections yields two benefits: the rod will cast a very light line very easily, and the rod tip will still dance when you have a small fish on the line. You can feel the fight of a warpaint shiner, like the one above caught in North Carolina when I was there for the Tenkara Jam.

TenkaraBum 40 with brown trout.TenkaraBum 40 with brown trout.

Having slightly firmer mid sections also yields two benefits: you can get good hook sets when fishing weighted nymphs and you have a bit more control, making it a bit easier to guide good sized fish out of the current and into quieter water.

TenkaraBum 40 with 18" smallmouth bass.

The TenkaraBum 40 was not designed with bass in mind, but it does just fine with modest bass (and sunfish).

I have fished the Suntech TenkaraBum 40 with everything from a 2.5 to a 4 level line, and with the 3.6m and 4m Fujino White lines.  So far, my favorites have been a size 3 level line or the 3.6m Fujino White line (the Fujino White lines seem to be just a little longer than the length shown on the package).

It also does extremely well with a Tactical Nymphing line, which for me is 0X Varivas fluorocarbon tippet and a TenkaraBum Tactical Nymphing Sighter. A clear line and white sighter is about as stealthy as you can get, yet still registers strikes very well.

TenkaraBum 40 with 21" rainbow. Jeff R photo.

If you are one of the many tenkara anglers who really like the TenkaraBum 36 but have wished there was longer model, now there is. Even if you have never fished with a TenkaraBum 36, if you've wanted a light weight, very responsive rod of about 13' that is fun with smaller fish and has the ability to handle larger fish, the Suntech TenkaraBum 40 may be just the rod you've been looking for. That is especially true if you want to fish weighted nymphs as well as unweighted wets and dries.

TenkaraBum 40 and Tactical Nymphing

The Tactical Nymphing that a number of us have been working on, most notably Rob Worthing of the Tenkara Guides, but also Erik Ostrander (also of Tenkara Guides), Jeff Lomino of Riverworks and Chris Hendriks (a tenkara guide in Norway) in addition to myself, has basic principles rather than rigid rules. One of those principles is using a rod that can cast modestly weighted nymphs on a light line, yet still have sufficient backbone to yield good hook sets and to maneuver hooked fish into quiet water.

Nice brown trout caught by Rob Worthing while Tactical Nymphing in Utah.

The TenkaraBum 40 is one such rod, and of the various rods that are well suited to Tactical Nymphing, it is the most "all-around" in that it is also very well suited to fishing delicate dries or standard unweighted kebari. More and more people are telling me it is now their "go to" rod.

Suntech TenkaraBum 40 Features

Although the Suntech TenkaraBum 40 blank is different than the TenkaraBum 36 blank, the grip, grip screw cap and tip plug are the same for both rods.

The grip is hard EVA foam, which provides an excellent nonskid grip (and is less expensive than cork, allowing the money to go toward a higher quality blank). The grip screw cap is knurled for easy tightening and removal, and rounded for comfort. The tip plug fits quite snugly and will not fall out when you least expect it. Because of the tight fit, do not insert the tip plug when the line is attached. The tip section has Suntech's signature "Lillian Spin" swivel, which does help to reduce line twist and which easily passes through the second section.

Length extended - 13' 1 1/2"
Length collapsed - 23 5/8"
Weight without tip plug - 2.6 oz
Grip - Shaped EVA foam
Sections - 8
Tip Diameter - .65mm
Recommended tippet - 6x-4x
Pennies - 18.5

The TenkaraBum 40 when collapsed is too long to fit in any of the Ebira rod quivers. It will fit (just barely) in the medium rod case.

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I think the TB 40 is one of the best rods on the market, if not the best 400 cm rod currently available. I love the way it casts, dampens, fights fish, and it's balance is perfect.

Tom D, Idaho
Teton Tenkara

Don't try this at home. Please.
I really like this rod. For an all around Tenkara rod you may find none better. It is just a bit less tip flex than the TB36, but still maintains the backbone the TB36 is known for. So far I have thrown weighted nymphs, split shot killer buggers, and weightless kebari without compliant. Rod has handled hybrid striper and even a small carp on 5x tippet. It's rated to 4x. This is a very capable rod in the right hands. I can recommend this to anyone who loved their TB36 but wanted a longer version. Your dreams have come true.

Jeff R, Texas

The TenkaraBum 40 is my favorite rod.

Jeff P, Connecticut

What a rod! I caught 7 rainbows out of Wilson Creek. You really need to promote your line of rods more. What a silky smooth progression in both the casts and fighting the fish. I caught fish from 12-15 inches, all planted, but lots of fun.

Les A, Idaho