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Ebira Rod Quivers

The Ebira Rod Quiver holds your tenkara rod, leaving your hands free for trekking poles or for climbing or photography - or just free. In addition to the sleeve that holds your rod, the Ebira also has a small, detachable pouch that will hold flies, lines, tippet, nippers, forceps, etc. With a pair of Fuji EZ Keepers, your rod can be carried fully rigged, ready to go in seconds. 

Please note that the standard length Ebiras are just a little to short to fully enclose most Daiwa tenkara rods or most seiryu rods. Because the Ebiras have drawstrings, they will still hold the rods securely, but about 1-1.5" of the rod will stick out. All the Ebiras now come with black cords as shown in the photo of the Ebira K below. (Rods and gear not included.) More info...

Ebira Rod Quiver - $55

The Ebira K is a shorter version of the Ebira Rod Quiver. It fits the Daiwa Keiryu-X, Shimotsuke Kiyotaki, Suntech Genryuko and the Tenryu Furaibo TF39TA. These rods are very convenient for backpackers. With the Ebira K, you don't even need the backpack. The zippered pouch will hold the minimalist 6-compartment fly box, a small tenkara line holder and a tippet spool. For those who believe in traveling light, what more do you need?

Ebira K - $55

The Ebira Plus is essentially a wider Ebira, sewn down the middle to make two separate sleeves so it can easily carry two tenkara rods. Also, the attached gear pouch is significantly larger. If you think the best tenkara rod is actually two rods, like the 13' Ayu and the 11' Iwana, this Ebira is for you. The Ebira Plus now has a wide shoulder strap like that on the Guide model. (Rods and gear not included.) More info...

Ebira Plus - $85

The Guide is like the Plus on steroids. It still has two rod sleeves but each one is wide enough to fit two rods for a total of four tenkara rods. It also has two separate gear pouches and a wide shoulder strap rather than just a cord. (Rods and gear not included.) More info...

Ebira Guide - $105

Fuji EZ Keepers

Fuji EZ Keepers and any of the Ebiras make a great pair. You can keep a rod fully rigged and have it ready to go in seconds. More info...

Fuji EZ Keepers (per pair) - $8

Rod Cases

These aren't fancy, but they are light weight, adjustable and inexpensive. Four sizes fit different rods and different numbers of rods. Small fits the Shimotsuke Kiyotaki, Shimano Kozuka NT, Daiwa Kiyose SF and Keiryu-X, and the Nissin tanago rods. It is 1 1/8" in diameter and is adjustable from 12 to 18". The medium fits just about all tenkara rods other than the Shimano 34-38 ZL, Daiwa Expert L rods and the Ito, and will hold two rods. It is 1 1/2" in diameter and adjustable from 16 to 24". The large holds six tenkara rods. It is 2 3/8" in diameter and is adjustable from 16 to 24". The long is 1 1/2" in diameter and adjusts from 32 to 40 inches.

Small Rod Case - $9

Medium Rod Case - $10

Large Rod Case - $16

Long Rod Case - $16

Titanium Tenkara Nets

The design is functional and minimalist. With a 9.5" dameter titanium hoop and 12" carbon fiber handle, it weighs next to nothing. The titanium and carbon that make up the design are light weight, but they are extremely strong. The net will easily hold up to any fish that will fit in it. I've successfully netted fish up to almost 19" with it. Handle angle on new nets is about half the angle shown in photo. (Ebira shown for size comparison. Ebira and rod not included.) More info...

The shipping charge for the TiNet is $10 rather than $4 as shown below.

Titanium Tenkara Net - $125
Additional postage required for international shipments. Please request quote before ordering.

Shimano Folding Nets

The Shimano Folding Net is the tenkara net for people who think a net just gets in the way. This one doesn't. It collapses and fits in a pouch on your belt. The rim of the net is like a spring. When you twist it past a certain point, it twists in on itself and will hold that collapsed shape. Deployment is a one-hand operation. Open the velcro closure on the pouch, remove the net and it springs open to its full size and round shape. More info...

The shipping charge for the Shimano Folding Nets is $7 rather than $4 as shown below.

Additional postage required for international shipments. Please request quote before ordering.

Both nets out of stock until spring.

Shimano Folding Net 25cm- $65

Shimano Folding Net 30cm - $70

Tenkara Creel

Traditional creels are bulky and quite possibly may draw scorn from other hikers or from other anglers. The tenkara creel packs flat when not in use, holds your catch, can be dipped in the stream to keep it cool, and can be washed afterwards to keep it smelling fresh. (And you don't even have to be a backpacker to use it, either.) More info...

Tenkara Creel - $65


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