Nissin Kyogi Carp Rod

The Nissin Kyogi Carp Rod is the nicest fixed line carp rod I've seen. It is lighter than the other carp rods I've had in stock, it is more flexible (making it easier to cast) yet it has more than enough backbone to subdue large fish, and can handle heavier tippet than any of the other fixed line carp rods I've carried.

To get a stronger tippet rating than the Kyogi, you would have to go all the way up to the salmon rods, which are significantly longer, heavier and more expensive.

16.4 pounds
How big is it?
15.2 pounds
photos courtesy of jrob
I've been fishing Central Park any chance I get with the Kyogi, and it is SO FUN!

Dennis K, New York

If there are carp in New York's Central Park (and there are) they're probably in a body of water near you. And just as John Vetterli says of catching carp under the interstate on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, and Dennis K says of catching carp in the center of New York City, it is fun!

I need to say right off the bat, though, that the Kyogi s not just a carp rod. It is a great trout rod.

It's also a great catfish rod.

Photo courtesy of Less C.

The following photos are all courtesy of Tony S, who has caught more fish with the Kyogi than any other angler in the US.

It's fun with nice sized smallmouth bass.

Most anglers probably aren't familiar with a black buffalo, but the Kyogi is a great rod if you want to catch one!

It's a great rod for greater redhorse.

It's the gold standard for golden redhorse.

Hook a bowfin? The rod will be bowed, but unbroken, from that tempestuous act!

If you want a rod that will handle whatever you hook, consider the Nissin Kyogi!

The Kyogi comes in three colors. I almost always order the black ones (the BX model) because they are slightly lighter weight. I have had a few of the red (RX) and yellow (YX). Currently, I only have the black ones in stock, although some red Kyogi 18 are expected the week of April 26.


Kyogi 18 BX
5.1 oz

Kyogi 21 BX
7.1 oz

Nissin Kyogi 18 BX - $260
Nissin Kyogi 21 BX - $295

Nissin Kyogi 18 RX (the red ones) expected week of April 26.


Shipping to US addresses is via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days). The $20 charge will be added do your order automatically.

Because of the rod's length and the weight of the packaging, shipping to international addresses will be very expensive. Please request a quote before ordering.


Payment is processed by PayPal but you do not need to have a PayPal account. You can use your credit card.

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What a fantastic big rod. Surprisingly light.

Jeff R, Texas

If the folks knew how smooth these rods are you would sell a lot more of them.

Les A, Idaho