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Post Storm Brookies

by Keith Kintzel
(Mechanicsburg, PA)

Pretty Brookie

Pretty Brookie

Pretty Brookie The gear A beautiful tributary

I was surprised by the beauty of this winter brookie, so when I noticed how nicely the picture turned out I decided to share. I had not had an opportunity to Tenkara fish in a few months when the historic snow storm hit Pennsylvania. At that point I figured chances were done for a month or more, but a week of melting cleared the snow and filled the streams nicely.
A friend and I fished a favorite wild trout stream and a tributary and managed to bring four fish to hand with numerous other LDRs. The pictured fish was just 8 inches long but put up a good fight against my Soyokaze and gave me a little more faith in the new fly I was trying. I love that little rod, Thanks TenkaraBum.

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