One fly to rule them all

by Jeff D

I'm too much of a gear geek to limit myself to just one fly, but for warm water fish I'm pretty sure you could limit yourself to various sizes and colors of killer buggers and never need anything else!

I've been fishing with #8 and #18 black killer buggers almost exclusively lately, because they're so easy to tie and losing flies is guaranteed if you're fishing enough. The #8s for bigger fish and the #18s for micros. Once I get a magnifier I'm going to tie some #26 for the really tiny fish. I can crank them out and have managed to get my hands on enough Shetland spindrift yarn in various colors to probably last a lifetime.

I'm going to start cranking out killer bugs and buggers! I love simple flies because I'm not a master fly tier and value quantity over fancy time consuming flies.

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