Keiryu Rigs

Keiryu Rigs give you hook, line and sinker - and markers - ready to go.

Each package has two fully rigged lines, two extra snelled hooks and six split shot. The package indicates that the rigs are intended for 4.5m rods. The line is about 1' longer than a 4.5m rod, so I think it would work quite well for 5.3-5.4m rods as well.

To use these rigs, you will want a knot in lillian (which I take out at the end of the day when I disassemble the rod to let it dry overnight). Attach the line as you would a furled line.

The markers can be moved up or down the line. Space them a few inches apart, with the lowest one above the water's surface when your hook is at the depth you want.

Add a split shot (two if the water is deep and the current is swift) perhaps 8" above the hook. The packages come from Japan with lead shot. It is illegal to sell lead shot in New York, so I replace the lead shot that came with the rigs with Dinsmore's Lead Free BB shot.

The back of the package suggests either a pair of salmon eggs, a small worm or a nymph taken from under a rock on the stream you are fishing. Meal worms and wax worms work well also.

Please note: The Keiryu Rigs use size .6 line, which is stronger than recommended for the Suntech ZPRO and Kurenai, the Nissin Air Stage seiryu rods and the Nissin 2-Way 450ZX soft.

Keiryu Rigs - $5.00

Trout Ball Float Rig

The name Trout Ball Float Rig is kind of a mouthful, but that's pretty much how the translation works out. They are made for keiryu fishing in the pay-to-fish trout parks in Japan, so they are designed specifically for people who are not experts.

They have a couple advantages over the Keiryu Rigs, above, and a couple disadvantages. The first advantage, particularly for kids, is that there is no need to constantly keep the yarn markers just above the water's surface. The float works like a fly fishing indicator or a bait fishing bobber - it floats and suspends the split shot and hook. When a fish takes the bait, it pulls the float under. Sometimes very subtle strikes only make the float hesitate on its drift, move sideways slightly or even just jiggle a bit. The float will easily suspend one or even two BB shot.

A second advantage is that the snelled hooks provided with the rig have loops on the end of the snells and the main line has a simple snap swivel into which you hook the loop of the snell. Simple! A third advantage is that the float has weight and also "water resistance" (similar to wind resistance). You can cast it out as far as your line will reach, and it will resist being pulled back towards you from line sag. With the Keiryu Rigs, the split shot will want to hang straight down from the rod tip, so you cannot fish as far away and still get drag free drifts.

Compared to an indicator like a Thingamabobber, the Ball Float is much easier to move up or down your line - and in a stream you will have to move it frequently to adjust the depth of your bait. Just pull the stem (the pointy part) of the float out of the little black rubber tube, move the tube up or down the line and reinsert the stem. It holds the line securely and will not slip. Make sure your insert the stem snugly.

The Trout Ball Float Rig also has a couple serious disadvantages. The line provided is a cheap nylon that will tangle at the first opportunity. You have to be careful when first taking the line off the card. Between trips you will have to wind it on something or it will tangle. Also, the hooks provided are a bit brittle. I have not had a fish break one, but I broke one unhooking a fish.

On balance, the Trout Ball Float Rig gets you started and is easy to use for a beginner. I include it in the Keiryu Starter Kit for Kids for just that reason.

Trout Ball Float Rig - $3.00
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