Good Day

by Rick
(up state NY)

We are having a stretch of good weather here in the north east .The smaller streams that I like fishing are running at summer levels ,but with good cool temperature . I can not do all I would like to do , but have gotten out fishing all but 3 days since 4/3 .Today was a good one . I managed to bring to hand 2 Brown's . A 12" and 10 " - 5 rainbows 8" - 10" - and one Brooke 6" . I have now caught trout in Mass. , Vermont , and NY . Today I used my Suntech Kurenai H30 with a level #3 and 6X to make a 12' +/- line and leader . The fish where in 3'-4' deap pools formed by falling timber and root balls . The stream was crystal clear . I know I spooked more fish than I caught . It was the most precise fishing I have ever tried . There were many pools I couldn't fish , but would see 2 or more fish in every pool . I used a unweighted Tenkara fly with Brown India hen hackle and black peacock herl size 14 . I hope to go back tomorrow with my Suntech Suikei 39 as I think my little Kurenai was pushed to it's max trying to keep the fish out of the brush . I am blessed to have so much fishing in my area .

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