Fly Tying Materials

Pink Chenille - $2.25

I had pretty much decided to get out of the fly tying materials business, but the Overhand Worm is just too good to ignore. It is extremely simple to tie. It is extremely effective. 

This is the only material you need to tie it (other than a hook, of course). You don't even need thread!

One $2.25 package has enough for over 100 Overhand Worms!

Persimmon Dyed Silk Cord - $2.50

By now, everyone has probably seen the video of Amano-san tying kebari in hand. He ties flies on eyeless hooks, first tying on a loop of silk cord treated with persimmon. The persimmon does two things, it stiffens the cord and it also dyes it a reddish brown color. People here in the US have generally used silk bead cord dyed a bright red, but now actual persimmon treated cord is available. It is slightly stiffer so it won't be so likely to collapse or twist.

(The current batch of cord is a little lighter than that shown in the photo.)

UNI-Thread - $2.75
Black, gray and brown, etc. are natural and expected colors for trout flies, but of course you'll want pink for tying the Utah Killer Bug and the Pink Chenille Worm.


Ultra Wire, Small, Copper - $1.75
The killer bug is tied with copper wire instead of tying thread. It provides a bit of extra non-toxic weight and holds up well to trout teeth.

Bailey's Fly Tyer's Wax - $5

Bill Bailey has been working on the formula for this wax for years. While most dubbing waxes are quite soft and come in a tube, this one is formulated so that pulling your thread through the wax softens it just enough to coat the thread. Unlike the soft tube waxes, Bailey's Fly Tyer's Wax will make your fly more durable in addition to making it easier to dub tricky materials. It is effective for touch dubbing as well as for use with dubbing noodles. Siliconized paper keeps the wax from sticking to the tin. This wax does not require refrigeration between uses.


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