Easy Lillian to Line Connection

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

Sliding knot connection ready to fish

Sliding knot connection ready to fish

Sliding knot connection ready to fish Bobber Stops loop to connect to lillian and line loop through bobber stop tube

I really like the way the Nissin Pals SP Pro twisted Tenkara Line connects to the Lillian. I have never liked the girth hitch or the slip knot method. The Nissin line uses a sliding knot to secure the line to the Lillian. It is easy to put on and take off. It is very secure. I found a very easy way to make the same kind of connector for your lines!

My Dad died several years ago, and left me with boxes and boxes of tackle. I remember seeing these bobber stops (picture 2) in all of his stuff, and it looked like the sliding knot on the Nissin line. So, I made a loop out of 15 pound test braided fly line backing (picture 3), followed the directions forthe bobber stoppers, but put the loop in the tube instead of a single line, (picture 4) and it made the same connection as the Nissin line. I used a simple loop connection on my Tenjo line, and I am in business. I tested it several times in the backyard casting and it works great! The nice thing is the loop is easily replaced if frayed or damaged. I am going to be using this method on all of my lines from now on. If you are looking for an easy, neat way to attach your line to the Lillian, give this method a try!

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Mar 01, 2017
looks are not everything
by: Brandon

How is this less complicated than the slip knot I use for my level line?

Mar 01, 2017
Slip knots can slip!
by: Les Albjerg

I am not saying this method is for everyone. I have had slip knots slip and I have had to start over. Another thing I love about this setup is the line hinges freely off the lillian. I just don't like it when my line doesn't come straight off of my rod. The little slider knot just slips up the braided line so easy and is ultra secure to the knot in the lillian. By putting the tag at the top you have two little lines to hold onto as you slip you forefinger and thumbnail into the slider and in an instant your line is undone. I think sliding something up or down is much easier than tying a knot. Yes there is some prep work before going fishing.

I have also been fishing in very cold weather, and this method works great when your hands are almost numb.

That Nissin line is so sweet, I began thinking about how to duplicate the attachment method, and found a very easy and simple way to do it! Give it a try, you might like it. I don't even think I am violating traditional Tenkara since the Nissin lines are according to Chris, made by,"Hiromichi Fuji, one of the true tenkara masters in Japan, who personally makes all of the Nissin PALS twisted tenkara lines." I just wanted to share my excitment that this attachment method can be done easily. I also saw the bobber stops at several of the sporting goods stores in my area, so they are not that hard to find.

Mar 11, 2017
Something similar is used here in China
by: Scott Thornley

So, I'm not saying it's the greatest way to do it, just that it's commonly used to connect the line to the lilian on fixed line rods here in China

Take that bobber stop and just place it on the loop at the end of the level line. Then girth hitch as you would on a lilian with a knot, then slide the bobber stop up against the girth hitch. Very secure. I've caught good sized fish that way here.

Your way, using the braided line loop as an intermediary does have the advantage of making the connection between line and lilian more flexible.

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