Titanium, THE line!!

by Blatt
(Natal _ Brazil)

Received my titanium line 2 days ago and this morning (5 am) I went to test cast it at the beach. The day was badly overcast with some rain and strong winds (15 knots). Can't imagine a better scenario to try that tang!

Used a 12ft, 7:3 rod with 12ft of Ti line plus some tippet.

Did not use the amnesia or any other bright color line as indicator. Tried it just by feel. The line cut the wind very nicely and I was able to put my fly (a #10 bonefish bitter ) where I wanted it too. I did not try to cast much against the wind because it was too strong and bending the rod a lot (wind loading). I was afraid to break it casting that way.

But casting to the sides was ok. Other point is that with the heavier fly working as an anchor the wind could not blow the line out of the water and I could work the fly into the waves, around the rocks with great control. I could detect 3 strikes to the fly and was able to catch a smallie (4 incher). This line is very sensible.

If it was any other line (furled, pvc, fluorcarbon) I'm pretty sure I could have not done it!

For my waters this is the perfect line.

Thanks Chris.

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