Suntech Keiryu Sawanobori 63

by Jayson S.



Sierras Headwaters rainbow Lake run rainbow

I fished the Kieryu Sawanobori exclusively this summer during a trip to the Sierras, trying different rigs and styles in everything from large lakes to tiny headwaters.

I caught 4-inch rainbows in high gradient streams using the long rod/short line approach. These streams consisted of plunge pools and waterfalls, and I climbed in and out of them, like name of the rod suggests, even collapsing the rod to net the fish, a method the rod was designed for.

I also landed (and cooked) enough large 3-pound lake run rainbows to report that this rod handles big fish very well. At 20 feet, it has the reach and power you need.

It's much more versatile than you might expect if you're accustomed to 12-footers. I might not be able to use it everywhere in the Appalachians, but I'll try. Fantastic fishing rod.

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