Shimano Folding Net

by Adam Hanna
(Aurora, CO)

The Shimano Folding Net encompasses the ideaology behind tenkara- simplicity! One might say it's complicated mechanics actually prove me wrong but the design and production behind tenkara rods are just as complexly engineered.

This net is the only net I will carry as long as it is around. It's packable, sturdy, and has great mesh material. The pouch even has a belt loop that I put through my wading belt to wear on my side. That makes it really easy to whip out when I have a fish on my line. Shimano's design is once again, superb!

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Sep 13, 2014
Shimano net
by: John Vetterli

I have been using both the 25 and 30cm nets exclusively for the past 2 years. I have Japanese handmade wood tamo, carbonfiber/titanuim tamo and a few other various nets and the a Shimano folders are the tools that get used every day.

Worth every penny. Practical, useful, compact, lightweight, easy to pack for extended travel, (I packed my net all the way to Japan).

Sep 13, 2014
by: John Vetterli

One bit of net maintenance advice.
After a day of landing fish, rinse the net in clean water and let it dry in the sun. That will kill the fish stink in the net bag.

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