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Fuji Rod Caps fit a wide range of tenkara, keiryu and seiryu rods. Use the KTC-12 for thinner rods and KTC-16 for thicker rods and the KTC-20 for most 6+m keiryu rods. They make an excellent back up rod cap for just about any rod you have and some people prefer them to the more standard tip plugs. They may be a bit harder to store somewhere when you are fishing, but they are also a lot harder to lose.

Perhaps the best thing about them (other than being an effective back up for a variety of rods) is that they are a lot more secure than most tip plugs. For several of the first tenkara rods I got (before I started importing rods from Japan) the tip plug wasn't quite tight enough and would fall out at an inopportune time or even in the rod sock. Luckily I never broke a rod because the tip fell out, but that is a definite possibility if the tip plug is too loose. These are never too loose - at least if you get the right size.

The KTC-12 comes standard with a number of the rods I carry, including the Suntech GMR Special and Suntech Suikei, both shown above. Shimano has a similar tip cap that comes with the Kozuka NT rods.

They really are a good alternative - I wouldn't them "universal" though, because they really aren't. They come in sizes and you will want to get the right size. The KTC-12 is for rods with a diameter (at the end of the grip section) of 12mm or less. The KTC-16 is for rods with a diameter of 16mm or less (although if it is less than 12mm the KTC-12 would be a better choice).

KTC-12 out of stock

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Fuji KTC-16 - $8.50

Fuji KTC-20 - $8.50


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