The I Wonder If This Fly Would Even Work Blue Fly

by Levi Cain
(Ft. Bragg, NC)



Warmouth Dollar Sunfish Pumkinseed Sunfish The I Wonder If This Fly Would Even Work Blue Fly

After work I decided to try and catch a mosquitofish that would be the smallest for the Challenge. And after a couple hours and a few large mosquitofish later I decided to see what all other species I could catch with the blue yarn. I was about to call it a day so I just tied the blue yarn to my tanago hook in some rats nest looking knot. I was using a 13' crappie rod at the time and decided to dance the yarn right on top of the water.

The sun was setting and while I was catfishing the other day I noticed multiple bugs fall to the surface of the water and start trying to fly away. Within no time a sunfish would suck them under. So I tried to copy that same type movement with my blue fly.

It paid off because the first fish was this Warmouth that put up a nice fight. Followed by a couple Dollar Sunfish, and the last fish of the day was this Pumpkinseed Sunfish.

My first thought when I made the blue fly was this looks like garbage and wont catch a darn thing. However I was gladly wrong. For as soon as the yarn got wet it all slicked down and immediately caught the eye of multiple sunfish and mosquitofish.

Species that took a blue fly:
Dollar Sunfish
Pumpkinseed Sunfish

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Aug 06, 2013
Ugly flies
by: Jimi Fly

Let me say I use some ugly flies myself. It seems that once you get your technique dialed in any old fly will do. Maybe that's why the Japanese tend to use only one or two patterns. Nice fish by the way, haven't caught one of those yet.

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