TenkaraBum Winter Challenge - 14" Rainbow - 2.5" Bass Size 32 Hooks

by Terry Farmer

Finally got on the board! There's quite a learning curve with size 32 hooks. "Easy Does It" is the rule for tying, hooking and landing fish with these tiny flies. The rainbow is a solid 14" (measured)and caught with my Nissin 380 Honryu. The little Bass is 2.5" and caught with my Nissin 190. This has indeed been quite a challenge. I'm waiting for the mosquito fish to reappear to reduce my smallest entry even further. Good luck to all, we still have a couple of months left!

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Apr 01, 2015
by: Ryan McCullough

Impressed by this catch. Way to go.

-Ryan McCullough, Olympia, WA

Mar 07, 2015
Nice fish
by: Jai

That a nice 14" trout on a size 32 fly,it is a lot of fun landing fish like these on light tippet under 2lb. Keep looking for these mosquitofish.

Jan 29, 2015
by: John L

Nice catches on 32!!

380 Nissin Honryu is a nice rod. I love mine.

John L
Canon City, CO

Jan 28, 2015
by: TIMMY!

So nice! Way to go, carry on!!!

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