TenkaraBum Streamer Challenge Gallery

The TenkaraBum Streamer Challenge is over. Congratulations to the two winners: Michel Terheggen for the largest fish, a 30" pike, and Alan Luecke for most species, with 33.

A total of 51 species of fish were caught on streamers or bucktails, which I think proves pretty conclusively that you can indeed fish a streamer on a tenkara rod!

A hearty thank you to all participants.

Alan Luecke - Blackstripe Topminnow

Alan Luecke  Sand Shiner

Alan Luecke - Smallmouth Bass

Alan Luecke - Walleye

Alan Luecke - White Bass

Alan Luecke - White Crappie

Alan Luecke - Carmine Shiner

Alana Luecke - Rock Bass

Alan Luecke - Redspot Chub

Alan Luecke - Duskystripe Shiner

Alan Luecke - Cardinal Shiner

Alana Luecke - Brown Trout

Jay Guarneri - Spotted Bass

Alan Luecke - Golden Redhorse

Chris Stewart - Cutthroat Trout

Alan Luecke - Bleeding Shiner

Alan Luecke - Striped Shiner

Alan Luecke - Spotted Bass

Alan Luecke - Black Crappie

Robert Ruff - Redear Sunfish

Roberst Ruff - Green Sunfish

Alan Luecke - Golden Shiner

Adam Rieger - Creek Chub

Alan Luecke - Rainbow Trout

Alan Luecke - Common Shiner

Pete Lilja - Black Crappie

Pete Lilja - Bluegill Sunfish

Pete Lilja - Channel Catfish

Stephen Gressak - Fluke

Stephen Gressak - Scup

Stephen Gressak - Striped Bass

Robert Ruff - Bluegill Sunfish

Robert Ruff - Rock Bass

Robert Ruff - Longear Sunfish

Robert Ruff - Channel Catfish

Jason Hudlow - Bluegill Sunfish

Jason Hudlow - Pumpkinseed Sunfish

Peder Rude - Smallmouth Bass

Adam Rieger - Largemouth Bass

Jay Guarneri - Largemouth Bass

Jay Guarneri - Red Shiner

Jay Guarneri - Golden Shiner

Alan Luecke - Freshwater Drum

Alan Luecke - Wiper

Alan Luecke - Goldeneye

Adam Rieger - Rainbow Trout

Michel Terheggen - 30" pike

Michel Terheggen - European Perch

Michel Terheggen - Roach

Jacob Eickstead - Rio Grande Cichlid

Jacob Eickstead - Bluegill Sunfish

Jacob Eickstead - Largemouth Bass

Jacob Eickstead - Redbreast Sunfish

Alan Deutsch - Banded Killifish

Alan Deutsch - Common Shiner

Alan Deutsch - Satinfin Siner

Michel Terheggen - Brown Trout

Alan Luecke - 29" Shortnose Gar

Adam Rieger - Fallfish

Adam Rieger - Brown Trout

Michel Terheggen - Arctic Grayling

Adam Rieger - Bluegill / Pumpkinseed Sunfish hybrid

Adam Rieger - Green Sunfish

Alan Luecke - Red Shiner

Phillip Dobson - Brook Trout

Jay Guarneri - Common Shiner

Jay Guarneri - Creek Chub

Jay Guarneri - Rainbow Trout

Phillip Dobson - Arctic Grayling

Chris Stewart - Rainbow Trout

Chris Stewart - Brook Trout

Lee Capitano - Largemouth Bass

Lee Capitano - Bluegill Sunfish

Jay  Guarneri - Bluegill Sunfish

Jay Guarneri - Longear Sunfish

Keith Tackett - Redbreast Sunfish

Tim Nitz - Redside Shiner

Alan Deutsch - Largemouth Bass

Alan Deutsch - Smallmouth Bass

Alan Deutsch - Golden Shiner

Alan Luecke - Creek Chub

Alan Luecke - Largemouth Bass

Alan Deutsch - White Crappie

Tim Nitz - Rainbow Trout

Tim Nitz - Brook Trout

Chris Stewart - Chain Pickerel

Chris Stewart - Largemouth Bass

Jay Guarneri - Green Sunfish

Alan Luecke -Redear Sunfish

Chris Stewart - Yellow Perch

Chris Stewart - Pumpkinseed Sunfish

Alan Luecke - 18" Black Buffalo

Alan Luecke - Longear Sunfish

Alan Luecke - Green Sunfish

Alan Luecke - Channel Catfish

Alan Luecke - Bluegill Sunfish

Alan Deutsch - Rainbow Trout

Chris Stewart - 16" Smallmouth Bass

Alan Deutsch - Yellow Perch

Adam Rieger - Bluegill Sunfish

Adam Rieger - Redbreast Sunfish

Adam Rieger - Striped Bass

Kyle Quattromani - Rainbow Trout

Kyle Quattromani - Brook Trout

Kyle Quattromani - Green Sunfish

Kyle Quattromani - Bluegill Sunfish

Kyle Quattromani - Warpaint Shiner

Alan Deutsch - Creek Chub

Alan Deutsch - Rock Bass

Alan Deutsch - Redbreast Sunfish

Alan Deutsch - Pumpkinseed Sunfish

Alan Deutsch - Green Sunfish

Alan Deutsch - Fallfish

Alan Deutsch - Brown Trout

Alan Deutsch - Brown Bullhead

Alan Deutsch - Brook Trout

Alan Deutsch - Bluegill Sunfish

Alan Deutsch - Black Crappie

Alan Deutsch - White Perch

Rick Stig - Bluegill Sunfish

Rick Stig - Mayan Cichlid

Jay Guarneri - White Bass

Rick Stig - 14 3/4" Largemouth Bass

Chris Stewart - Bluegill Sunfish

Chris Stewart - Black Crappie

Chris Stewart - Smallmouth Bass

Chris Stewart - Redbreast Sunfish

Chris Stewart - Green Sunfish

Chris Stewart - Rock Bass

Chris Stewart - Creek Chub

Chris Stewart - 10" brown trout caught with simple bucktail

Jay Guarneri - 16" wiper

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Michel Terheggen - 30" pike

Most species

Alan Luecke - 33

Alan Deutsch - 21

Chris Stewart - 15

Jay Guarneri - 12

Adam Rieger -10

Robert Ruff - 6

Kyle Quattromani  - 5

Michel Terheggen - 5

Jacaob Eickstead - 4

Rick Stig - 3

Tim Nitz - 3

Stephen Gressak - 3

Pete Lilja - 3

Lee Capitano - 2

Phillip Dobson - 2

Jason Hudlow - 2

Keith Tackett - 1

Peder Rude - 1

All Species

Largemouth Bass
Rock Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Spotted Bass
Striped Bass
White Bass
Black Buffalo
Brown Bullhead
Channel Catfish
Mayan Cichlid
Rio Grande Cichlid
Creek Chub
Redspot Chub
Black Crappie
Freshwater Drum
Shortnose Gar
Arctic Grayling
Banded Killifish
Yellow Perch
Chain Pickerel
Golden Redhorse
Bleeding Shiner
Cardinal Shiner
Carmine Shiner
Common Shiner
Duskystripe Shiner
Red Shiner
Redside Shiner
Sand Shiner
Satinfin Shiner
Striped Shiner
Warpaint Shiner
Bluegill Sunfish
Bluegill x Pumpkinseed hybrid
Green Sunfish
Longear Sunfish
Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Redbreast Sunfish
Redear Sunfish
Blackstripe Topminnow
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout