TenkaraBum No Vise Challenge - Old Hand

by Phillip Dobson
(Montana )

Daiichi curved nymph hook, 12, I think
Embroidery thread, split and waxed prior to assembling the tying kit.
Dun hen hackle

A small kiridashi knife I made that I keep in my field emergency kit

I fished this fly a bit today. The spruce moths are all over, so a lot of the time I was fishing a white elk hair pattern. Then I broke my rod on a particularly ornery fish...

I ended up getting 4 trout to their photo ops on my hand-tied fly. I hooked and lost another two. The fly held up pretty well. Waxing the length of thread helped, compared to my previous attempts with embroidery thread. The fish seemed to respond about as well as to the caddis, it just wasn't as exciting to watch.

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Jul 21, 2015
by: Paul Arnold

I noticed the plural, hemostats. One to hold the hook, the other as hackle pliers perhaps? Or did you only have one such tool but pluralized the word, like we do with the word "pliers" applying to a single tool. Just curious here.

Jul 21, 2015
Hemostatic forceps
by: Phillip

I just assumed it was like "pliers" or "scissors".

Looking at the surgical supply sites, it looks like the technical term is "hemostatic forceps". I guess we can shorten the term any way that's convenient.

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