TenkaraBum No Vise Challenge - Old Hand

by Matt Shipp
(River Falls, WI, USA)

Gujo Kebari

Hook: Owner Size 8 Eyeless Keiryu Hook
Thread: Gutermann Silk Thread or Pearsall's Primrose Yellow
Hackle: Ginger Rooster Hackle
Dubbing: Zenmai (aka some fuzz I picked off a fern)
Eye: Red Griffin silk bead cord #2

Finished with a couple of half hitches and a drop of crazy glue.

This fly caught three brook trout and a brown all of which were in the 8-10" range. Sadly, I lost my fly box this season at some point with this fly in it. I've been tying and fishing this pattern in a variety of sizes and colors almost exclusively this year and it has been a lot of fun. I suppose someone will find my box, open it up and think...what are those crazy looking things?

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Sep 01, 2015
Nice Fly
by: Roy Davison

That's a great looking fly you had Matt, that little bit of red has got to draw that attention of fish. Sorry about your fly box, at least it's not too bad; this year I lost (I actually think it was stolen, but I do have a reputation for losing things) a beautiful old creel with a tackle box containing at least $100 worth of Panther-Martins and Kastmasters somewhere near June Lake in the eastern Sierras. One reason flies are nice; I don't care much if I lose a 50 cent fly, but if I lose a $5 panther-martin, I'm pissed!

Sep 02, 2015
by: Matt Shipp

Thanks for the kind words Roy. I agree, losing flies is not such a big deal when you enjoy tying. There were probably a couple dozen patterns in there that I had no intention of fishing. Winters are long and cold in Wisconsin and I tend to tie up some crazy stuff out of boredom. With winter approaching I should have plenty of time to tie up more before spring.

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