TenkaraBum No Vise Challenge - First Timer

by Matt Stewart
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

MSAug 22 Materials

MSAug 22 Materials

Columbia Falls, Montana - North Fork Flathead River

Aug. 21: No Vice Challenge Packet provided with my last order. Thought I had a good fly tied by holding the hook in my hand. Unfortunately No Luck landing but several takes.

Aug. 22: Size 14 Nymph Hook, Purple nylon from paracord, black 6/0 thread, peacock, partridge. Fly tied streamside holding hook by hand. 4 Westslope Cutthroat Trout caught in 2.5 hours. Largest approximately 10 inches.

This is my first year Tenkara fishing and the first time I've tried tying flies streamside. Learning a lot and enjoying the Tenkara experience immensely. Wanted to thank you Chris for running such a great website and business, the service is terrific. Lastly, I watched the Tying Tenkara Flies video on night of Aug. 21. I was inspired by the "Starling & Purple Fly" and gave me the idea for August 22 fly which I've attached the photos for this challenge.

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