TenkaraBum No Vise Challenge - First Timer

by Roy Davison
(Prescott Valley)

My first (and second largest) Brook trout. This Brownie wrapped my tippet around a submerged stick.

I used a cheap dry fly hook (I don't know the company, but it's some cheap Chinese made stuff) For materials I used the same brown sewing thread as I did on my other entry, a tiny bit of yarn that I separated from a larger tan piece, a thin partridge hackle from a bag, and a clump of deer hair from a rug in the garage. I made 6 of these Deer Hair Caddis a couple weeks ago before a family trip to the eastern Sierras, and the one pictured was the best. I was able go catch 12 small wild Brook trout and a Brown trout on this fly before losing it to a bundle of twigs on the opposite side of the creek I had caught the Brown out of. Although I landed only 13 trout on this fly, I missed about 20 trout with it (those small wild trout are VERY quick at realizing it's not real food). Wish I had more pictures, but immediately after taking the picture of the Brook trout you see here, I dropped my new phone straight into the creek, luckily my cousin was there to have it out in less than two seconds. My phone survived unscathed, but I was left too scared to do it again.

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Aug 11, 2015
It works
by: Rob Ruff

Nice fly! And nice fish!

Aug 19, 2015
by: Roy Davison

Thanks Rob.

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