TenkaraBum Challenge - White Bass

by Levi Cain
(Blanchard, OK, USA)

size 12 black killer bugger

size 12 black killer bugger

Continuation of my Red Shiner story.
After giving up on catching a catfish on a fly due to the wind, I slowly worked my way downstream until I came across a nice large deep hole. I started looking into the depths and could see a small school of gar, a large school of buffalo, carp, and river carpsuckers and even sunfish and bass swimming around.

So I got out my fly rod again and caught a few sunfish on a size 32 Black Killer Bugger. I even had a buffalo hit my fly. However when I went to set the size 32 fly, it popped right out with only a slight thump on the line. I could also see that the buffalo wasn't thrilled and shot out of sight.

But hoping for a gar, I decided to kick up the size of my fly and put a size 12 Black Killer Bugger on the end of my line. In no time at all I ended up hooking up with a white bass - which I had no idea were even in the stream but that I assume came from Lake Eufaula. Working their way up the South Canadian River and into Walnut Creek. After a few pics, I released the white bass to be caught another day.

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