TenkaraBum Challenge - Spottail Shiner

by Alan Deutsch
(Hamilton NJ)

I fished my go-to (for species) warm water stream in Princeton NJ and caught another new one. This is the 12th species from this body of water. As a result of this challenge I have caught five species here that I never caught there before. There are a few more species that should be there but I haven't tracked them down yet and some others that may or may not succumb to the Killer Bugger.

We should all thank Chris for sponsoring this challenge. I for one had no idea that one fly pattern could be so successful on so many different species. It also forced me to try an tie smaller flies that I had ever attempted to tie (20's and 26's).

I need to get a couple of boxes of the new sizes Chris is offering in size 30 and 32! I may need to see my optician afterward because of eye strain but there are a few species that I have seen that the size 26 was a bit to big for. A 32 should do the trick.

From what I've read a size 32 (not available in the US for several years) should be deadly on winter trout in our hard fished waters like the Ken Lockwood Gorge and the Pequest River.

Looks like I need to try a personal challenge to land a 20"+ on an 8x tippet with the #32 this winter.

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