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TenkaraBum Challenge - Sand Shiner

by Levi Cain
(Blanchard, OK, USA)

Size 30 Black Killer Bugger

Size 30 Black Killer Bugger

Well I woke to a thunderstorm this morning which completely changed my plans of targeting gar, buffalo, carpsuckers, and catfish on the Black Killer Bugger Fly. So I stayed inside most the day and tied a few flies. But come around 3 or 4 o'clock I couldn't stand to be in the house any longer and decided to go to the park here in town to try and catch a Western Mosquitofish. Except this time instead of using a 13' tenkara rod I figured I could try out my 4' Miyako rod.

After digging around the house I found what I hoped would make a good casting line. A spool of 80lb braided line (0.018” thickness). I cut off about 4' and figured out how to make the loop to attach it to the lillian of my rod. Then made a knot at the other end of the line and attached about 2' of 8x tippet along with a size 30 Black Killer Bugger fly.

When I arrived at the creek it was not to murky or high due to the rains earlier that day. But there was a slight wind present. And thankfully there were not very many people at the park either. Because I sure did feel silly and I could only imagine what I must have looked like. Trying to fly fish with a four foot rod in a creek that could be stepped over. Yeah I got looks.

Needless to say, I only landed one fish, a Sand Shiner. And got skunked by the mosquitofish which completely surprised me, considering they have become somewhat like bluegill when micro fishing. You always seem to catch one.

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May 13, 2014
Try the Microfishing Tenkara Line
by: TenkaraBum

Try the size 3 Microfishing Tenkara Line. It casts nicely with the Miyako (as well as the Nissin Gyoko and Daiwa Hinata tanago rods and the Nissin Air Stage 190).

May 13, 2014
micro fish
by: Jimi

I get looks every time I'm fishing for micros. As a way to defend myself I take pictures of the little guys and when someone snidely says "having any luck" I smile and whip out my camera and show off some pics. Fishing for micros is so much fun!

May 13, 2014
Thanks y'all
by: Levi Cain

Yeah one lady walking her dog actually stopped and told me "Sir, Sir, I don't think there are any fish in there." But after I replied "Yeah there are, I actually already caught a Sand Shiner, I've seen a bunch of mosquitofish around the surface, and I have even had a few sunfish hit my fly but came off. But thank you though, I appreciate it." She had a complete look of surprise, said "wow", stood there a few more seconds. Then started walking off as she said "Oh your welcome".
Also the park was right by the high school football field. And I could hear a group of high school boys get a good laugh when I had worked my way upstream near the field. But none of them had the guts to actually say something to me.
But yeah I was actually impressed by the way the rod handled. I was afraid of the tip breaking but it did fine. The only thing I didn't care for was the stiffness of the 80lb braided fishing line. It softened up once wet but was still a pain at accurate casting.

May 13, 2014
Wow report!
by: Blatt_RN_Brazil

Awesome report, loved it!

May 13, 2014
The best thing about the report...
by: TenkaraBum

I think the best thing about the report is the photo of the stream. Not one angler in 10,000 would even think to fish it.

There are more fish in more places than any of us realize.

Very nicely done!

May 13, 2014
by: TIMMY!

Loved your report! I have had one of those rods for a few months now. Trying to get up the guts to take it out, you just gave me that much needed push, thanks!!

May 13, 2014
Character building
by: Alan Luecke

If someone doesn't think you're silly, you aren't working hard enough at having fun.

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