TenkaraBum Challenge - Redear Sunfish

by Levi Cain
(Blanchard, OK, USA)

size 16 black killer bugger

size 16 black killer bugger

I wasn't honestly targeting Redear Sunfish when I caught this guy but was sure happy when I had it in hand and noticed it was actually a Redear sunfish instead of a bluegill, because I was 2 seconds from tossing it right back into the water thinking I had another bluegill.

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May 16, 2014
The ear flap on the gill cover
by: Levi Cain

Its kind of hard to tell from the picture on the site with this fish. But the main feature I go by for Redear sunfish is to look at the edge of the black spot on the ear flap/gill cover. For redear sunfish they look similar to bluegill but will have a redish blotch on the outer edge of the black spot. The fish shown has more of an orange spot instead of a red spot. But there are variations. There are other features as well but I forget what they are. A really good book for TX is "Freshwater Fishes Of Texas" I have it and it shows pics of most sunfish as both juveniles and adults.

May 16, 2014
by: TIMMY!

Levi, how could you tell the difference? We have a lot of panfish here in TX. Lots of times im not sure WHAT im catching. (I like to get them back in the water soon as I can.)

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