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TenkaraBum Challenge - Hybrid Sunfish

by Levi Cain
(Blanchard, OK, USA)

Size 18 Black Killer Bugger

Size 18 Black Killer Bugger

Not sure if this entry counts, but it was still a cool catch.

This is a continuation of my Bluegill story.
After landing a Largemouth Bass, I got right back to fishing and it wasn't long before I had another fish on. While he was fighting I could tell I had something different on my line because I could see his brightly colored orange fins every time he attempted to make a run for it. My heart raced with excitement at the possibility of landing another fish for the count in the Black Killer Bugger Challenge. Once I landed him I was stumped for a minute as to the species I had on my line. I knew the only species in the area in terms of sunfish were Longear, Bluegill, Orangespotted, Green, Warmouth, and even Redear Sunfish. So I made sure to take a bunch of pictures without keeping the fish out of the water to long, released him and got right back to fishing. Enable to make the best of my time, since it was later in the evening and I still wanted to catch a Longear Sunfish. For the rest of the evening I caught a couple more fish that looked similar but each one had their own unique coloration to them. When I arrived at home I started really looking over my pics and did a google search for hybrid sunfish. Sure enough there were others who also had caught sunfish that were similar to mine that were believed to be hybrids. Now as to which species comprise my catch I have no idea. All I know is it was unique and a joy to catch.

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