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TenkaraBum Challenge - Green Sunfish

by Levi Cain
(Blanchard, OK, USA)

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly

After catching an Orangespotted sunfish early that Saturday afternoon. I made a stop at the town park but was completely unable to fish it due to the wind. So I decided to head over to West Bitter Creek near Chickasha, Oklahoma, that I just knew would have some Green Sunfish and Red Shiners. And might even be protected from the wind by its high sandy banks.

As I arrived I wasn't sure how productive the fishing was going to be because I could see the trees swaying in the wind, more than they had been at the town park. So I gathered up my gear and headed down to the water's edge. To my surprise the wind didn't seem to be blowing at all in the spot I was standing. But as soon as I extended my rod and went to cast it was like mother nature had it out for me and I immediately lost track of my fly due to the strong gusts of wind coming through. Once again my tenkara fly line had become a kite and I began to share some words with mother nature.

I still attempted to fish the riffles any ways but just could not keep a fly in the water. I would get my fly placed where I wanted it and would watch as the current would start bringing it downstream. But then another gust of wind would come through and I could do nothing as my fly would go against the current and would start moving upstream before it would completely fly out of the water and start soaring through the air. Irritated and about to give up I decided to try and find a large pool enable to force my fly to where I wanted it and could allow my entire line to be in the water. Sure enough I found a decent sized pool and could see fish swimming around everywhere.

I started making a few casts and was getting hits but just could not get the hook set. Until I finally hooked into a Green Sunfish that completely consumed my fly. I let him play out a little bit and was able to land him. After I snapped a few pictures I released him and decided to give the fly rod a break for that stream. But when I moved upstream I couldn't resist and got it right back out and sure enough was able to catch a few more Bluegill before calling it quits for that creek.

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