TenkaraBum Challenge - Golden Shiner

by Levi Cain
(Blanchard, OK, USA)

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly

Continuation of my Black Crappie story.
After catching a Black Crappie I continued to fish West Winter Creek in the hopes of catching a White Crappie. But all I was seeming to catch were Bluegill after Bluegill. In fact I was beginning to think that a more appropriate name for the Black Killer Bugger would actually be Bluegill Slayer - until I made a cast out near a partially submerged log and was impressed by the power of the strike and the fact that this fish was staying deep and wasn't coming to the surface like most the Bluegill had been.

My heart started to race because I had no idea what was on the end of my line. Knowing I might break off if I tried to land the fish quickly I let him tire himself out before I attempted to bring him towards shore or even try to get a good look to see what I might have on my line.

After about a minute or two I could tell that the fish was starting to tire so I began to bring him towards shore. Then a brightly colored flash of gold caught my eye right before it made one last dash for deep water. I knew I had something new for my species count but wasn't 100% confident as to its ID.

When I got it right up near the bank I could see that I had a nice sized Golden Shiner on the end of my line. Now when I say nice sized, its because I am use to catching 4” and 5” ones like crazy in North Carolina. After landing him I took a few pictures, was able to successfully remove the hook without damaging the fish and quickly released him to grow bigger and make fry.

Not long after landing the Golden Shiner, in the exact same spot that I hooked into the shiner. I ended up losing my fly to a decent sized fish that I suspect was a good eating sized bass or maybe even a carp. Because as soon as it hit my tippet broke.

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