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TenkaraBum Challenge - Creek Chub - Example

by Chris S
(New York)

Black Killer Bugger in a breeze

Black Killer Bugger in a breeze

This creek chub was about 9", taken from a stream I drive past almost every time I rent a car to go fishing. I have never seen anyone fish it.

This is an example of the format for a TenkaraBum Challenge entry. It isn't an official entry because it is a fish I caught before the Challenge started.

Entries must have:
1. A photo of the fly
2. A photo of the fish
3. The fish species (best guess)
4. A comment (can be brief or a full story)

Enter the fish you catch with a Black Killer Bugger!

Comments for TenkaraBum Challenge - Creek Chub - Example

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Jun 13, 2016
by: Chris S

I was just googling around for NY Creek Chub records and found this site. Ironically my name is Chris S too. In upstate NY chubs are killing the local river so I use them as catfish bait. I have caught several over 1.75 lbs on a fish scale. They are fun to catch as they fight on a microlite but they are not good for the trout population!
I do wish they'd keep the record for them though because I think I might have 5 mins of fame.

Feb 21, 2016
biggest chub to date
by: taylor frazier

I just caught the biggest creek chub iv ever seen on a red big jig head was a 1/18 weight fish was 14 inches in length an im guessing 1.5 pounds on my temple fork outfitters rod 6ft 2wt.

May 05, 2014
NY State Record?
by: TenkaraBum

NY does not list a state record for a Creek Chub. They don't keep records for all species, so I suspect creek chubs don't qualify. I should find out, and see what the requirements are (all the records they do list weight and length).

May 04, 2014
Nice Fish
by: Levi Cain

Very Impressive chub, if you were in TN that would be a state record.

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