TenkaraBum Challenge - Black Crappie

by Levi Cain
(Blanchard, OK, USA)

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly

When I was heading home from fishing West Bitter Creek where I caught a Green Sunfish I remembered there was one more creek I could try that I had almost always caught crappie from when I fished it. It was out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded my cattle grazing fields, down some dirt road not far from my house.

So I took a little detour and hoped that either the wind would die down or that there were trees nearby to help break the wind. But when I arrived at the creek the wind was as spiteful as it had been all day, and there was no way I was going to be able to escape it. But knowing that I needed to increase my numbers for the challenge. I went ahead and fished it anyways. The wind was problematic but I had enough room that I could really give some force to my cast. Thankfully the fish were hungry and aggressive enough that they didn't seem to mind my Tenkara line all out on top of the waters surface. Within no time I started landing Bluegill after Bluegill, but had yet to catch a crappie.

Then I started to notice small crappie shooting up from the murky depths of the creek and trying to take my fly. Once I saw where they were I know I would get one. So I kept casting to the exact same spot and sure enough not more then two minutes later I had a Black Crappie on the end of my line. My heart started to race because I was fearful that my size 18 Black Killer Bugger might pop out from its mouth. After about a minute or two of letting it swim about wherever it wanted to go, I was able to land him. I snapped a few pics and quickly got him right back into the water and started fishing for a White Crappie this time. However, after landing that one I didn't see another crappie all day.

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