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Just what you want in a fishing cap. The curved bill keeps the sun out of your eyes so you can see the subtle strikes. The caps are made from high quality cotton so they're cool (except for the camo ones, which are "so cool"). Instead of that cheap plastic tab in the back, the twill ones have positive hook/loop (generic for Velcro I think) closure so you can get the fit just right. The denim ones have a sliding metal "buckle." Perhaps the best thing, though, is the stylish but subtle TenkaraBum logo. Well, I guess there's nothing subtle about fluorescent orange (even bigger on this batch of caps) but it really does look very nice.

They come in four choices, khaki denim with blue/gray bill, blue/gray denim (coming soon), olive twill, and olive camo twill.

New on these caps is the Japanese official stamp inspired TENBUM logo on the side panel.

All caps currently out of stock.

TenkaraBum Cap - Khaki/Blue

TenkaraBum™ Khaki Denim Cap with Blue/Gray Bill - $17 (Domestic) or $20 (International)


TenkaraBum Cap - Blue Denim

TenkaraBum™ Blue Denim Cap- $17 (Domestic) or $20 (International)


TenkaraBum Cap - Olive

TenkaraBum™ Olive Cap - $17 (Domestic) or $20 (International)


TenkaraBum Cap - Olive Camo

TenkaraBum™ Olive Camo - $17 (Domestic) or $20 (International



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