Tenkara Creel

The wizards at TrailLite Designs have done it again. The Tenkara Creel is the most innovative thing to come along since they developed the Ebira Rod Quiver. And for backpackers, it's just about as handy.

If you are a dedicated catch and release angler, you need read no further. No point in elevating your blood pressure.

If, however, you are a backpacker who will rely on the protein and calories from fresh fish to supplement your freeze-dried diet, read on.

Traillite Designs Tenkara Creel

One of the great things about tenkara (and about the Ebira) is that it is so easy to fish for a few moments here and there when the trail follows or crosses a stream. The problem until now has been in how you keep your catch during that time interval between hook and cook.

Tenkara Creel Folds Flat

Traditional creels are bulky and quite possibly may draw scorn from other hikers or from other anglers. The tenkara creel packs flat when not in use, holds your catch, can be dipped in the stream to keep it cool, and can be washed afterwards to keep it smelling fresh. (And you don't actually have to be a backpacker to use it, either.)

Tenkara Creel comes with a web belt.

It has a nylon web belt with a quick release buckle, making it easy to carry and easy to take off to dip in the stream, keeping your catch cool. The bottom of the creel is mesh to allow it to drain and to provide plenty of ventilation.

At the top of the creel is titanium ring of about 6" in diameter, which together with gravity causes it to hold its shape. There is a very cleverly designed funnel shape to the top of the creel, making it easy to slide fish in. The opening of the funnel can be adjusted with a drawstring so you can open it completely to get your fish back out.

From top to bottom, the creel is about 13" deep, providing plenty of space to keep several good sized fish if you are planning on dinner for more than one. Despite the size and functionality of the creel, it weighs just 3.2 ounces.

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