Tenbum's Timely Tips - 11-11-14

It's been a long time since the last TenBum's Timely Tip so this time I'll give you two tips.

I probably don't have to tell you this, but summer is over. The calendar may say not say it's winter yet, but the thermometer sure does.

No one around here wet wades in November. Perhaps I should rephrase that, no one wet wades voluntarily. I know that anglers fall while wading. I've seen people fall. I've read numerous posts on forums from people who've fallen. I've fallen myself. More than once.

On Sunday at least I managed to catch one fish before I fell. It wasn't so much a fall as losing my balance and sitting down, with one arm going down to keep me from going flat on my back. With chest waders on, I didn't even go over the tops of my waders. That one arm, though, was sopping wet.

I had brought a change of clothes on each of my last three trips. For some unknown reason, on Sunday I didn't. Even though I was not soaked all over, it was cold enough for me to call it a day. Had I had a dry shirt and another sweater I would have kept fishing. Considering that it was 2 1/2 hours each way to get to the stream, not to mention the cost of the car rental, I really didn't want to have to call it a day that early but it was just cold enough that it was the better choice.

Tip #1 - Take dry clothes. You probably won't need them, but take them. Go for a swim in the summer and you get wet. Go for a swim in the winter and you get hypothermia.

Wading is great exercise, as is clambering up and down the river banks, over rocks, under hanging limbs, over downed trees, etc. Unless you get to fish a lot more than most guys can, though, it's not enough exercise. It is no secret that you lose muscle mass as you age. If you have a desk job, and if you're on the far side of fifty, and if you want to still be able to fish when you're 70, it would be wise to start exercising.

Not saying you should join a health club (save your money for fishing trips and new rods). Take the stairs. They're everywhere. Do deep knee bends. Something. Otherwise, you will get to the point that the rigors of a day on the stream are just too much. Not this year or next year, but sooner than you'd like.

Tip #2 - Take the stairs.

TenBum's Timely Tips - Specials

From time to time I get contacted by a fly shop that wants to carry top name tenkara rods. To date, it's never worked out because I operate on a pretty thin margin and I make less than they want - which means that if I sold them rods at my cost they'd still be unhappy with their margin.

The last time it came up, I got in a few rods for them to evaluate - rods that I don't carry so they could mark them up as much as they wanted. Shoulda made them happy. It didn't. They backed out and now I have three rods that I don't carry, don't have pages written for, and don't have any experience with. I haven't fished them. Brand new, in the box, with the plastic still on the grips.

Nissin "Professional" Kawashi 6:4 360
Nissin "Professional" Kawashi 6:4 390
Nissin Air Stage "Fuji Style" 5:5 360

The Kawashi rods are the next level up from the Pro Square rods. They have the same grips as the Pro Square but much nicer blanks.

The Air Stage is Nissin's wooden gripped tenkara rod - the one Tenkara USA copied when it made the Ebisu. The Air Stage is a much nicer rod.

Click the link for prices: TenBum's Timely Tips - Specials page.

That's all for now.


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