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Although anything on the site would fit under a tree, I know as time gets short people get nervous looking for stocking stuffers. Little things that you might give as a Secret Santa, or perhaps something for a brother, a colleague or a fishing buddy (you know, those tricky gifts where you want something that is just enough but not too much). There should be something on this list for any tenkara angler on your list.

Starting small with something even a kid could give to his dad or grandpa out of his own allowance:

Minimalist Fly Box - Everyone talks about simplicity, this will help achieve it. Fits in a pocket or on a lanyard and costs just $2.
Fuji EZ Keepers - Keeps the line under control when the rod is collapsed. $8 per pair.
Medium Rod Case - The fine Japanese rods don't come with cases. This case is light weight and functional. $10
Sunline Tenkara Line - Fluorescent orange fluorocarbon. The best there is. Sizes 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 (if in doubt, get 3.5). - $19
Line size
Tippet/Fly Pouch - Holds a small fly box (not included) and more lines that any tenkara angler needs. Neck strap included. - $20

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