Rive Alyn, North Wales

by Ian Robertson
(Newton-Le-Willows, England)

Had a day out on the Warrington Anglers stretch of the Alyn. As the trout season on rivers is over, I can now fish for Grayling all winter, but only on stretches of river allowed. On the previous story I sent, I fished on another stretch of the Alyn which is now closed for fishing.

This is only the third time I have used my Iwana, so I am still learning. The river is low and gin clear. It was also a bright and sunny. I started off using nymphs but soon realised that the fish wanted something on or near the surface. So I changed my method and opted for the Duo, a size 14 Olive Para and a size 18 Pheasant Tail about 2 ft below. I started catching grayling and some trout straight away, fish from 8 ins up to 14 ins on the dry and nymph about equal. Using the Iwana I could manipulate my flies either by allowing them to go down at the speed of the current or hold back and the fish would take the nymph just under the surface. I even had two on at once, both fish about 14 ins. As expected I lost one of them but I landed the other one.

It has been a revelation to me tenkara fishing, in three visits to different rivers I have caught over 50 fish. These are hard fished rivers and not easy to fish. Also, they have been out of condition with long periods of low water. On this visit I landed 15 fish up to 1 1/4 lb I put this down to using tenkara type fishing. It's going to be difficult to go back to rod and line.

Ian Robertson. Newto-Le-Willows, England.

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Oct 16, 2011
Still learning?
by: TenkaraBum

It sounds like you learn fast! Fifty fish on your first three trips out is a nice showing.

And as for going back to rod and reel, why?

Oct 17, 2011
Low water & Tenkara
by: Dave Southall

Hi Ian,

I too have found tenkara to easily outfish conventional gear even in tricky, low water conditions, when one would not expect such a close (potentially fish spooking) approach to work. With stealth I've been surprised how close I can get to fish (even trout) & with no heavy line to land on the water presentation is great & as you say it is possible to micro-manipulate drifts thanks to the long rod & most of the line & tippet off the water. I reckon tenkara at least doubles my catch rate.

Like you I'm finding it very difficult when I have to go back to 'normal' gear.

Next thing you'll be wanting a longer rod. I can recommend the new Ito, even more line control & it's great for fishing tiny flies on light tippet. Most of my autumn grayling come to size 20 to 26 CdCs (Shuttlecocks or IOBO Humpies) & a few to small nymphs. Once it gets colder tenkara is brilliant for Czech nymphing.

All the best with your Iwana, Dave

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