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Productive Blue Popper

by Vic Velasco
(Reston, VA)



That Blue Popper I tied up killed it today! The biggest fish I got to take was this 15" Small Mouth Bass - gave me an awesome run on my 5wt Western rod (I needed the reach to get the popper out past the noise from my paddleboard). I'd like to say the blue yarn added to the tail of the popper made the popper irresistible - but since I don't speak small mouth, we'll never know for sure.

The popper also landed a green sunfish and a large mouth bass.

Add three more fish caught on a blue yarn fly

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Sep 27, 2013
by: Vic Velasco

Jimi -

Paddleboards made specifically for fishing are coming out on the market more as the months go on. I come from a surfing background so I've been on these for almost 10 years - but the ones designed for fishing are super stable from the get go. Look for boards in the 34" width range - otherwise you will have a hard time turning around on the board. Some come with attachment points for various manufacturer's equipment (my Aguera Hooked SUP has two spots to screw down Scotty mounts; the Jackson Kayak SUPerFishal has RAM ball screw down points up and down the rails; Bote has a fishing rack that holds rods and acts like a leaning post). Using a SUP to fish at most any place you would normally cast from shore but could use a boat (lakes, bays, the beach, flats, bigger rivers) is the best of both worlds - you can get to the fish easier and you won't spook them (like you would with a conventional boat). If you look on my blog ( you'll see posts where I've taken out an igloo cooler, front and back Scotty rod holders, an anchor system and had a blast catching. Another side benefit is the core exercise you'll get by paddling. There are no negatives to this platform. Let me know if you have any more questions (contact info is on the blog).


Sep 26, 2013
Paddle board
by: Jimi fly

I'm curious about the paddle board. How is that to fish from? Are they all expensive? Nice fish by the way, blue flys work as well as any other.

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